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Balpreet Kaur: Embodiment of Truth, Goodness, & Beauty – An Inspiration for one and all

October 9, 2012 | By

by Gurpreet Kaur

Balpreet Kaur

Balpreet Kaur

Recent incident involving Ohio State University student Balpreet Kaur, who became the subject of the mockery on a social media site, has drawn my attention to the uncanny nature of humans.

Why in an age, when so many freedoms are being guaranteed to every individual – freedom to maintain one’s identity is being questioned or being ridiculed about?

To promote and preserve one’s identity is a matter of faith and more importantly the inner faith, whose balance allows you to perform your outwardly activities and acts in the most comfortable manner.

This occurrence addresses to the natives of the melting pot, where inhabitants need to be more tolerant, receptive & accommodative to giving others enough space, so that they decide upon their course of action.

The concern should be to build a strong character and to make efforts to develop all possible virtues like compassion, positive thinking, self control and selfless service rather than prioritizing your body over soul. The answer to the strong criticism she was subjected to, is to humbly conform to the real purpose of the life.

Cutting or removing hair by the Sikhs, is like dishonouring the sacrifices made by the Sikh Gurus, who did not give up the faith and faced tyrant rulers, who were averse to humanitarian approach and against the peaceful co-existence.

Balpreet Kaur and individuals like her are worth emulating by all those, who are in the process of making the mockery of five Ks, which are not just physical symbols of faith worn by Sikhs, but have spiritual significance too.

Her courage to maintain her unique identity in a world, where physical beauty outweighs inner beauty of thoughts and gestures, is commendable and worth praising.

Confrontational situations need to be faced with courage, strong body of opinions, which of course is a derivative of a strong character. Her example rightly fits into the saying good character can compensate ugliness, but beauty cannot compensate bad character.

She is focused to retain and value her own unique identity to achieving the more permanent goals of life, and as is rightly said, “If you know who you are? Rest every thing falls in place.”

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