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Call for independent parliamentary investigation into damning evidence of British collusion in 1984 attack on Sikhs

January 14, 2014 | By

London, United Kingdom (January 14, 2014): The ground-breaking disclosure of top secret UK governments by the 1984 Genocide Coalition and Kesri Lehar (UK) on Sunday 12th January 2014, has generated a typhoon of pressure on the UK Government to explain its role in the 1984 military onslaught on Punjab.

The specific disclosure resulted from cutting-edge research by Phil Miller, an independent journalist specialising in community issues like the Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka, and joint work with the 1984 Genocide Coalition and Kesri Lehar (UK).

“We wish to stress that this disclosure from 30-year archive documents, was the collaborate work of Phil Miller and the above two groups. There were no leaks and no provision of these documents to members of parliament.” Says Jagdeesh Singh. These disclosures have been made by grassroot campaigners.

Jagdeesh Singh has received some angry comments from some individuals who say this is damaging relations between the Sikhs and British Government and this 30-year matter should be left untouched.

Jagdeesh Singh says, this gripping documentation has caught the British Government off guard. “It seemed to think, that its sinister and concealed role in the devastating events of 1984, would remained buried in top secret files.”

In a panic response to these incriminating disclosures, the British PM has announced an internal Cabinet Office enquiry into the documents. “He has clearly been shaken.” said Jagdeesh Singh. “These documents are the tip of the iceberg, and there are more to follow.”

Jagdeesh Singh stress: “Such an enquiry is wholly inadequate and very limited. It is fundamentally flawed by its inherent bias, and carries no public confidence whatsoever. It is not fit for purpose.”

“If the British Government wants to be open and transparent about its role in 1984, it must allow an independent parliamentary investigation conducted by five backbench MPs. Nothing less will be credible.” The horrific murder of some 50,000 civilians in Punjab, necessitates a full and proper independent investigation. This is a crime against humanity, which demands full scrutiny.

Campaigners welcome the keen interest shown in this matter by Tom Watson MP, who is asking pressing questions. Paul Uppal MPs has similarly launched an online petition.

Next week, the above groups will be leading a delegation of human rights campaigners in handing a special letter to the Prime Minister pressing for an independent parliamentary investigation.

In February 2013, Kesri Lehar mounted a 120,000 public petition to the UK Parliament on India’s dire and comprehensive array of human rights failures.

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