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Tom Watson

Labour MPs Ask Theresa May to Release Secret Files on British Role in June 1984 Indian Army Attack on Darbar Sahib

British Labour MPs are calling on their Government to immediately release Cabinet Office files on the “1984 Amritsar Massacre” (Ghallughara June 1984), following a judge’s decision to declassify the secret papers.

Punjab Police uses Jagtar Singh Jaggi to target Jagmeet Singh NDP

Punjab government has once again targeted Canadian Sikh politician Jagmeet Singh. Referring to Jagmeet Singh's tweet Punjab police denied allegations of torture of Jagtar Singh Jaggi.

Canadian Politicians Also Concerned Over Torture of UK Sikh Citizen Jagtar Singh Jaggi in India

Canadian politicians have jointed concerns over reports of torture of arrested UK citizen Jagtar Singh Johal aka Jaggi by Punjab police in India.

No. 5 Chambers hosts debate considering UK’s role in June 1984 attack on Darbar Sahib

London, United Kingdom (March 19, 2014): It is learnt that on 1 March, 2014 No 5 Chambers hosted a debate considering the role of the UK government in the 1984 attack on the Darbar Sahib in Amritsar, Punjab, India.

UK: MP Tom Watson reacts to India Today story about Sundown Operation, To seek statement from House of Commons

London/ New Delhi (February 02, 2014): It is learnt that UK's Labour Party MP Tom Watson said on February 01 that he wanted "an urgent statement" from the UK government in the House of Commons on Monday (February 03) after an India Today magazine story revealed how then Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi almost gave the go-ahead to a covert RAW operation to abduct/ kidnap Sikh leader Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale months before she sent the Army into the Darbar Sahib (Amritsar) in June 1984.

Detailed Report: Sikhs lobby with UK Lawmakers about disclosure of British hand in June 1984 attack on Sikhs

London, United Kingdom (January 22, 2014): In February last year David Cameron became the first sitting British Prime Minister to visit the Harmander Sahib (Golden Temple) Complex.

MP Tom Watson tables Parliamentary questions – Asks if role of intellegency in June 1984 planning being examined

London, United Kingdom (January 21, 2014): According to information shared by the Sikh Federation UK, British MP Tom Watson has tabled a question in British Parliament [t]o ask the British Prime Minister, if the review into events in Amritsar in 1984 will examine the role played by Gary Sazena and R.N. Kao of the Research and Analysis Wing of the Indian secret service; when each man visited the UK at any time; whether any man received training in the UK; and what the nature was of intelligence provided to those individuals from the Government.

Glasgow Sikhs want UK to disclose all documents related to June 1984 attack

Glasgow (January 18, 2014): Sikhs of Glasgow have called for justice for the thousands of innocent Sikhs massacres in June 1984 by Indian army during an armed invasion to Sikh Gurdwaras including Darbar Sahib (also known as the Golden Temple) Amritsar. UK's links with this deadly attack have recently emerged through some top secret documents declassified recently.

UK: Wolverhampton MP calls for full disclosure of documents related to June 1984 attack on Darbar Sahib Amritsar

London, United Kingdom (January 17, 2013): A Wolverhampton MP has pressed David Cameron to order full disclosure of all UK Government information relating to any UK involvement in Operation Blue Star to storm the Golden Temple in Amritsar in 1984.

British “commercial interests” in India were “very substantial” – said post June 22, 1984 briefing by 10 Downing Street

London, United Kingdom (January 16, 2014): According to The Guardian, then British PM Margaret Thatcher gave her Indian counterpart Indira Gandhi Britain's full support in the immediate aftermath of the June 1984 attack on Darbar Sahib. The Guardian has reported seen further private correspondence of British officials in this regard.

David Cameron answers questions on British involvement in planning of June 1984 attack on Darbar Sahib by Indian Army

London, United Kingdom (January 15, 2014): In the British House Of Commons today, Prime Minister David Cameron was asked two questions on the 1984 Sikh Genocide with reference to the possible British involvement as seen via the released documents under the 30-year rule.

Letter to UK Foreign secretary William Hague by MP Tom Watson on recent disclosures of British link to June 1984 attack

If the documents are authentic, it shows that Britain secretly provided planning advice to India’s military in the build up to the raid on the Golden Temple, Amritsar in 1984. Please confirm whether the enclosed documents are indeed official government records.

Call for independent parliamentary investigation into damning evidence of British collusion in 1984 attack on Sikhs

London, United Kingdom (January 14, 2014): The ground-breaking disclosure of top secret UK governments by the 1984 Genocide Coalition and Kesri Lehar (UK) on Sunday 12th January 2014, has generated a typhoon of pressure on the UK Government to explain its role in the 1984 military onslaught on Punjab.

UK PM David Cameron orders probe into British links to June 1984 attack on Darbar Sahib

London, UK (January 14, 2014): According to media report the British Prime Minister David Cameron has directed his cabinet secretary to probe and establish the facts behind claims that Margaret Thatcher's government had helped India plan June 1984 armed attack on Darbar Sahib.

Did Britain help India plan the raid on the Darbar Sahib? asks Tom Watson MP

I’ve only seen the documents this morning and am told there are others that have been withheld. This is not good enough. It is not unreasonable to ask for an explanation about the extent of British military collusion with the government of Indira Gandhi.