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Letter: In response to discrimination debate on NDTV by Barkha Dutt

July 19, 2012 | By

– Kanwal jit Singh Gill

Today I watched the Buck Stops here – show hosted by Barkha Dutt. In this show the discussion was about discrimination against minorities in a case related to case between a Muslim ex-army Major and airline. How the comments were made by the airline staff just because of his Muslim name etc. The host Barkha Dutt was asking questions to people about the discrimination in a secular country. The people participating in the discussion talked about minor discriminatory problems against minorities based on religion, against Dalits and Adivasies etc. too. But one major issue of discrimination against minorities by the Justice system was completely ignored in the discussion. Even the host Barkha Dutt was trying to project as if there was no discrimination in the secular country, with people belonging to minorities holding high positions.

Now I’ll like to question Barkha Dutt, why the major discrimination faced by the minorities from Justice system and police forces was completely ignored ? Doesn’t Barkha Dutt know that thousands of innocent Sikhs were killed in 1984 Sikh Genocide and so far in 28 years no justice has been provided to the victim families or the guilty persons been punished ? Similarly thousands of Muslims were killed in Gujrat and hundreds of Christians killed in Orrisa but no justice provided to the victim families or the guilty persons been punished? Won’t you call that the biggest issue of discrimination against the minorities ?

Whenever Sikhs or Muslims are accused of some wrong doing or killing innocent persons, they are labelled as terrorists and right away law and order forces act and arrest many suspects and even their family members and make them suffer in jails and face police brutality. Later on many of them are not found guilty and released, but had to suffer in jails just as suspects arrested by police.

But the same law and order forces went to sleep and failed to act when thousands of innocent Sikhs, Muslims or Christians were killed. They will arrest and make the accused suspects suffer in jails only if they are found guilty by the courts, till then all those guilty persons can walk around freely and enjoy their lives. And so far in 28 years the justice system has failed to punish the guilty persons.

Now can anybody from Indian Media, host Barkha Dutt or other politicians ever explain these Double Standards of Jusice system and won’t you call that Discrimination against the Minorities based on religion ? This is the biggest issue of Discrimination by the so called fair and equal justice system for everybody. Why the Media also don’t want to talk about this discrimination and completely ignoring the Double Standards of the justice system ? Can we ever see the great media personalities raise their voice and demand justice for the victim families belonging to the minorities and punishment to the guilty persons belonging to the majority ? Let us see a big discussion on this issue and hopefully Barkha Dutt will be able to question ruling politicians, police authorities and jusice system about these Double Standards and Discrimination by the Justice system.

* Kanwal jit Singh Gill, is a Surrey, Canada based activist and  writer. 

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