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Pro-India media making Desperate Attempts to Undermine Sikh demand for Separate Identity Column in British Census: Sikh Federation UK

Days after publication of a media report in an English vernacular published from Chandigarh (India), the Sikh Federation UK - an organisation of Sikhs in England, has accused Indian media for making desperate attempts to undermine the Sikh demand for separate identity column in British census.

Dera Sauda men attack journalists in front of police & para-military barricade in Sirsa: Media Report

A report in the Indian Express (IE) notes that alleged Dera supporters attacked a private TV channel crew in Sirsa on Sunday (August 27) morning during the curfew relaxation from 6 am to 11 am.

India Media outlets ToI, DNA, OutlookIndia (Hindi) remove story about 300% increase in BJP chief Amit Shah’s assets in 5 years

Chandigarh: A news story published by Time of India’s Ahmedabad edition about 300% increase in assets of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) president Amit Shah in ...

Hindustan Times Comic Strip Showing A Sikh as Smoking Triggers Outrage

A comic trip published by Hindustan Times (HT), an English vernacular, has triggered outrage from the Sikhs as the comic showed a Sikh military personnel smoking a cigarette.

Indian news channels looks like fish markets: Geelani

Strongly denouncing Indian electronic media for its alleged biased reporting, negative campaign and carrying malicious & misleading propaganda against Kashmiri people, Syed Ali Geelani said that these "sleuths with stale ideology and fascist mindset" are representing fanatical forces, thus creating a state of intolerance.

Indian News Channel Anchor gets Maddened After Kashmiri leader pays Tribute to June 1984 Sikh Martyrs

A video clip recently surfaced online, in which a Kashmiri leader paid tributes to Sikh martyrs of June 1984 Ghallughara on an Indian News channel called- News 18 India.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s presence in Sikh event at Toronto infuriates Indian Govt.: Media Reports

The presence of Canadian PM Trudeau at Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan (Khalsa Day Parade), an annual Sikh event, in Toronto has infuriated the Indian government.

“Sikh Riots” New Terminological Tool Devised by Indian Media to Deny the Fact of “Sikh Genocide 1984”

A brief analysis of Indian media reports related to terms used to refer to the Sikh Genocide 1984 reveals that the Indian media does not admit to the fact of 'genocide', rather it is clearly denies the this fact in it routine reporting.

AISSF (Peer Mohammad) Seeks Ban on Life OK TV show on Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Alleging that a TV serial on the life of Maharaja Ranjit Singh by LifeOK television distorts Sikh history AISSF sought ban on it's telecast.

NDTV Apologises for Unverified News Reporting About Alleged Fatwa Against Singer Nahid Afrin

NDTV India, one of the main TV News channels of the region, today offered an apology during Prime Time show for reporting an unverified news about alleged Fatwa against singer Nahid Afrin.

Dal Khalsa Slams Indian Authorities for Planting Fictitious Story about Sikh Federation UK Leader

Dal Khalsa here today, slammed the Indian authorities for planting fictitious story in the media about Dabinderjit Singh Sidhu,

Indian Government puts NDTV One Day Ban on hold

A day-long ban on news channel NDTV that was met with wide protests from the media has been put on hold after the Supreme Court of India (SCI) announced that it would hear an appeal on Tuesday.

Modi Govt. Imposes One Day Ban on NDTV Broadcast; Editors slam move

Narendra Modi led government in India has decided to impose one day ban on a news channel called NDTV as a penalty for its coverage of an attack on the Pathankot air force base earlier this year.

Closure Of Kashmir Newspaper A Setback To Free Speech

Authorities in Jammu and Kashmir must revoke an order to stop the printing and publication of Kashmir Reader, a Srinagar-based English daily, Amnesty International India said today.

Govt. Bans publication of Kashmir Reader newspaper

Jammu and Kashmir government has banned the publication of Srinagar-based English daily Kashmir Reader calling it a threat to the “public tranquility”.

White House Removes India’s Anti-Pakistan Petition Over Fraud Signatures

As per certain media reports, [t]he White House officials have removed India’s petition to declare Pakistan ‘a terrorism sponsoring state’ after they said that fake signatures were used to reach the minimum required support for the petition.

SGPC Slams NDTV for Hurting Sikh sentiments; Seeks apology for using Darbar Sahib image for Sawachh Bharat Ads

SGPC has slammed NDTV, a private news channel, for fixing Logo of Indian Government's Swachh Bharat move and advertisements of Harpic and Dettol over an image of Darbar Sahib.

Exclusive Talk with Journalist Jaspal Singh Sidhu, Author of book on Journalism of June 1984

On 29th April, 2016 a new book about "journalism of June 1984" was released at Chandigarh. The book titled: "Sant Bhindranwale De Ru-B-Ru June 1984 Di Pattarkari" (Face to Face with Sant Bhindranwale Journalism of June 1984) is penned by senior journalist Jaspal Singh Sidhu (UNI - retired).

India Today regrets for publishing Arvind Kejriwal’s image in Nihang attire

The India Today has regretted the publication the Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal's image in Nihang attire.

No bar on parole, media sections have miss-reproted SCI judgement in Lal Singh Case: Advo. Manjhpur

Advocate Jaspal Singh Manjhpur, who maintains the list of Sikh political prisoners, has rejected some media reports which 'wrongfully' reported that Supreme Court of India's judgement in Sikh political prisoner Bhai Lal Singh's case.

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