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AISSF (Peer Mohammad)

Sikh bodies recall intervention of Giani Gubachan Singh in Sikh political prisoners’ issue

A delegation of representatives of certain Sikh groups reportedly met Giani Gurbachan Singh on December 22 regarding Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa’s continuing hunger strike at Gurdwara Lakhnaur Sahib in Ambala. The delegation comprising representatives of ‘International Sikh Organization’ and ‘AISSF (Peermohammad)’ met Giani Gurbachan Singh to remind him about the his promise made to Gurbaksh Singh Khasla last year regarding issue of Sikh political prisoners languishing in jails of India.

Akal Takhat Jathedar Supports “Sikhs are not Hindus” Petition to US President Obama – Directs Community to Support Signature Campaign Till December 31

A press release by All Indian Sikh Students Federation (Peermohammad) says "Akal Takhat Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh issued a “directive” to the Sikh community to continue signing the “Sikhs are not Hindus” petition till December 31 so that Obama be forced to raise “Sikh Issues” with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Akal Takht, Mann Dal, AISSF seek ban on ‘Messenger of God (MSG)’ by controversial Sirsa godman

Controversial Sirsa-based Dera Sacha Sauda sect head Gurmeet Ram Rahim has again landed in a controversy after different Sikh organisations have demanded a ban on his film, which releases early next year.

AISSF to petition Obama urging to raise “Sikh Issues” with Modi; SGPC Support Signature Campaign to raise “Article 25” issue

SGPC supported the signature camp held by Federation at “Akal Takhat” Sahib in support of the White House Petition Urging Obama To Raise “Sikh Issue” With Modi. SGPC extended the support to the White House petition after Akal Takhat Jathedar, Giani Gurbachan Singh while issuing “directive” to the Sikh community to sign the Petition stated that “Sikhism is a separate religion” and it should be recognized as such.

Indian Constitution Denies recognition to “Sikhism” As Religion – AISSF To Campaign change in Article 25

AISSF today led a candle light march in Jalandhur, Punjab to mark World Human Rights Day and took the opportunity to lambast India’s appalling human rights record. Citing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Sikhs and other minorities as a result of state terrorism since the 1980s, the protestors also pointed to the bewildering array of fundamental international human rights legal standards which India openly defies.

November 1984 Massacres of Sikhs: Leading British MP Slams ‘Genocide Denial’ and calls for UN Intervention

A powerful statement from a leading UK parliamentarian has given a major boost to efforts aimed at securing an international tribunal to punish those guilty of the genocide of Sikhs in India in November 1984.

Navjot Sidhu lands in trouble: AISSF want Akal Takht Jathedar to take action in Gurbani distortion case

Amritsar, Punjab: Former cricketer, comedian and former Member of Parliament (MP) from Amritsar Navjot Sidhu has landed himself in yet another controversy. Navjot Sidhu often referred as ‘Hindutva propagandist’ in Sikh attire distorted a Shabad of Gurbani. He went on to release a Gurbani Shabad by fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Ajran Ji to a mythological Hindu character Pandav ‘Arjun’.

Declare 1984 Anti Sikh massacres as “Genocide” – AISSF & Victims To SAD (Badal)

Ludhiana: All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF - Peermohammad) and victims of November 1984 Sikh genocide asked the Punjab Government to recognize 1984 genocidal massacres of the Sikhs as “Genocide”. A resolution was sent to Parkash Singh Badal, Punjab Chief Minister “to recognize the intentional, deliberate and systematic killing of Sikhs in India during November 1984 as "Genocide" as defined under the laws of the United States and UN Convention”.

AISSF files PIL petition on Sikh massacre in 1984 in Jharkhand

Jharkhand, India: All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) has reportedly filed a public interest litigation (PIL) in connection with the Sikh genocide 1984 in Bihar-Jharkhand.

30th anniversary of November 1984 Sikh Genocide: the time for international action: Peermohammad writes to Modi

New Delhi, India: All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) president Karnail Singh Peermohammad has written a letter to the Indian Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi on 30th anniversary of the Sikh Genocide of November 1984. A copy of letter is sent to the Sikh Siyasat News by AISSF media adviser Gurpiar Singh.

Amritsar shuts down completely during Punjab bandh even after arrests of Sikh activists

Amritsar, Punjab: Latest reports from Amritsar says that city witnessed complete shut down today. It is notable that the city police arrested up around 60 Sikh activists including All India Sikh Student Federation (AISSF) chief Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad, Sikh genocide survivor Bibi Jagdish Kaur while they were heading towards Amritsar railway station around 4:30 am.

Punjab Bandh Latest: Peermohmad, Bibi Jagdish Kaur, others arrested; Police lathi-charge Sikhsin Amritsar

Amritsar, Punjab: Latest news updates related to 1 November Punjab bandh call reveals that the Punjab police crackdown to defuse Punjab Bandh call has resulted in arrest of Karnail Singh Peermohmad (President, AISSF), Bibi Jagdish Kaur (victim, survivor and witness of Sikh genocide 1984) Bibi Majit Kaur (Head of Bhai Fauja Singh Trust) besides dozens other Sikh activists.

Punjab Bandh: Under pressure from Hindutva forces Badal govt. arrests Sikh activists, genocide victims

Amritsar, Punjab: The Punjab police has reportedly launched arrest drive to defuse Punjab Bandh call by AISSF and other Sikh bodies to protest against denial of justice to the victims of November 1984 Sikh Genocide. Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) sources revealed that the Punajb police has arrested Sikh activitsts and victims/ survivors of Sikh Genocide 1984 in wake of 1 November Punjab Bandh (Punjab Shut Down) call.

AISSF appeals for complete shot down during Nov. 01 Punjab Bandh

Amritsar, Punjab: The All India Sikh Students Federation has issued an appeal to the people of Punjab to observe Punjab Bandh - complete Punjab shut down on 1 November 2014 to protest against denial of justice to the victims of November 1984 Sikh Genocide.

AISSF claims to have witnesses against Amitabh Bachchan, gives call to boycott his shows

Amritsar, Punjab: Troubles for Bollywood mega star Amitabh Bachchan grows further on Wednesday after All India Sikh Students Federation (Peermohammad) not only demanded to book a criminal case against the star for allegedly raising provocative slogan on October 31st , 1984 but also appealed to people to boycott his TV shows and films.

Sikhs want Justice, not compensation: End impunity, punish culprits of 1984 Sikh genocide

Amritsar, Punjab: Narendra Modi government’s calculated step to announce enhance compensation for 3325 victim families whole family members were killed in November 1984 massacre of Sikhs in Delhi, has failed to convince the Sikh community and the victims and survivors of the genocide.

Sikh bodies call for peaceful Punjab Bandh on Nov. 01; Rail trafic to be halted for 5 hours

Amritsar, Punjab: Various Sikh bodies today called for a Punjab Bandh (Punjab shut down) on November 1 in protest against successive Indian governments' failure to provide justice to victims of Sikh genocide 1984.

AISSF (Peermohammad) appeals for peaceful Punjab Bandh on Nov. 01 to mark 30 years of Sikh Genocide

Chandigarh/ Punjab: This November marks the 30th anniversary of Sikh genocide 1984. During November 1984 thousands of Sikhs were brutally burnt alive throughout India in a series of organized genocidal massacres. These 30 years were marred by impunity as the perpetrators of genocide were awarded political positions and were given state patronage. The Indian judicial system suffered failure to nail the culprits.

A Sikh activist’s reaction to Kuldip Nayar’s article asking the Sikhs to simply forget the terrible injustices

While I was reading my daily news, I came across Kuldeep Nayar's article on a number of English medium websites. One example is copied below (from a newspaper called the Statesman). This article is not really about the blacklist - it goes much wider than that. In his article Nayar is basically asking the Sikhs to simply forget the terrible injustices of the past as a way to restore harmony in Punjab. He does not seem to understand that reconciliation can only happen when injustices are removed and when the guilty are punished.

Sikh Genocide1984 : Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) to submit report to UN

New York, USA: On the 30th year of India-wide systematic killing of Sikhs misnomered as “anti-Sikh riots”, a US based human rights and advocacy group “Sikhs For Justice” (SFJ) will submit a report to Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General, United Nations on the 1984 genocidal violence against the Sikh community after the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

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