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Blood Donation

To Mark 33rd Anniversary Of 1984 Sikh Genocide, Sikhs To Hold Blood Donation Drive In Abbotsford

It is learned that Sikhs in Abbotsford city of British Columbia, Canada will hold a a blood donation drive on Saturday, Nov. 11.

Sikhs in BC Organize Blood Donation Drive in Memory of Sikh Genocide 1984

Volunteers from BC's Sikh community has set up a blood donation drive in the city of Surrey and Kelowna as part of 17th annual Sikh Nation blood drive.

Sikhs Nation’s blood donation drive in the memory of Sikh Genocide 1984

This weekend the Sikh community remembered and paid homage to thousands of innocent lives lost in 1984 Sikh Genocide. Certain volunteers of our community have started a very good campaign to remember and pay homage to innocent lives lost.

Sikh Nation’s annual blood drive aims to keep alive memory of innocent Sikhs murdered in India

Surrey – Members of the world-wide renowned and internationally acclaimed Sikh Nation, which began a revolutionary movement of remembering the over 30,000 Sikhs murdered in 1984 in India by donating blood in the month of November, gathered in Surrey this week to apprise the local media of this year’s drive that has collected drum loads of blood and saves the lives of over 67,000 people so far.