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Edward Snowden

Julian Assange’s Arrest, Dark Moment For Freedom of Press: Edward Snowden

Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange has been arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Thursday  (April 11) morning. Julian Assange has been dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he has spent the last six years. This happens after Ecuador’s president Lenin Moreno withdrew Julian Assange’s asylum.

Edward Snowden says India’s Aadhaar is An Improper Gate to Service

Edward Snowden on Sunday (Jan. 22) called India's Aadhaar card "an improper gate to service" and said demands to link it to various services "must be criminalised."

Journalist Who Exposed Aadhaar Breach Deserves Applaud Not Investigation: Edward Snowden

After Edward Snowden a few days back in his tweet had appreciated the efforts of the scribe of The Tribune in exposing the breach and vulnerability of Aadhaar

India’s Aadhaar Is Bound To Be Abused, Says Edward Snowden

As soon the reports of the breach and comprise of Aadhaar details and data of Indian citizen went viral which was followed by purported denial

US, UK Spy agencies hacked into mobile giant, reports

There are reports that Britain’s electronic spying agency, in co-operation with the US National Security Agency, hacked into the networks of a Dutch company to steal codes that allow both governments to seamlessly eavesdrop on mobile phones worldwide. The reports are said to be based on documents given to journalists by former NSA employee and "privacy whistle-blower" Edward Snowden.