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Gmail Facing Massive Outage; UK Users Worst Hit

According to, Gmail is experiencing significant interruptions in major metropolitan areas across the US, including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

WhatsApp Seeks Nod of RBI to Open Payment Service for All

Instant messaging app WhatsApp chief Chris Daniels has written to the Reserve Bank of India seeking a formal nod to expand payments services to all its 200 million users in Indian sub-continent.

WhatsApp Data Security Concerns: SCI notice to Facebook, Centre

Supreme Court of India on Monday (January 17) sought a response from both the Centre as well Facebook over non-security of data and conversations on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp to End Support for Older Phones – Here is the List

In February this year, WhatsApp had announced it will stop supporting older smartphones. Now as the end of the year approaches, WhatsApp’s support for some of the older devices will be coming to an end.

Indian Security agencies raise alarm against Whatsapp end-to-end encryption, media reports

The online messaging giant Whatsapp recently rolled out end-to-end encryption, which means that the whatsapp messages turn more secure. Various reports in Indian media notes that the Whatsapp move has worried Indian “security agencies” as these agencies may now find to hard to snoop into the communications of Whatsapp users.

End to End Encryption: Massive Security upgradation by Whatsapp

Messaging giant Whatsapp has rolled out "end to end encryption". According to Whatsapp this move will protect messages from being snooped by cybercriminals, hackers, "oppressive regimes" and even the Whatsapp itself.

Access blocked to Whatsapp in Brazil under court order

Access to a prominent messaging service WhatsApp was shut off early today after a Brazilian court directed the local phone companies to block the popular service for 48 hours for failure to comply with a July court order in a criminal case.

Apple admits to first major attack on iOS App Store; Several apps infected with Malicious code

First large-scale attack is reportedly detected on Apple's iOS App store that has affected many iOS applications. Apple Inc said on September 20th that it was cleaning up its iOS App Store to remove malicious iPhone and iPad programs identified in the App Store.

Tweets now appear in Google Search results

Now you can see Tweets in the Google search results as Google has added Tweets to their real-time search results on the desktop.

Whatsapp rollsout Wahtsapp Web for iPhone users

Whatsapp has rolled out Whatsapp Web feature for iPhone users enabling iPhone users to send and receive messages via Whatsapp from PC using Google Chrome.

Google AdSense now supports Hindi language websites

Google AdSense, one of the prominent online advertisement services for publishers, now supports websites in Hindi language. The announcement officially came from Google Adsense which now supports 38 languages.

Two screen shots of Google Doodle [October 22, 2013]

Google celebrates 216th anniversary of first parachute dive with doodle

Chandigarh (October 22, 2013): Google commemorates the 216th anniversary of the first parachute jump made by André-Jacques Garnerin with an interactive doodle.