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Iraq Crisis 2014

Kin Of 39 Missing In Iraq Asked To Undergo DNA Test

After the Central Government failing to get a concrete clue on the fate of the 39 men missing in Iraq for three years, their families were today asked to undergo DNA

Amidst reports of 39 killings, Sushma Swaraj denies any concrete information on ‘40 missing’ in Iraq

New Delhi, India: India’s minister of External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj today said that there is no concrete proof or information regarding either the safety or killing of the 39 Indians kidnapped in Mosul (Iraq) in June.

Indians, Punjabis abducted in Mosul (Iraq) killed by ISIS, claims media report

New Delhi, India: A news reported by ABP (Sanjha) maintained that 39 out of 40 Indians, mostly Punjabis, abducted in Mosul (Iraq) by ISIS operatives are dead now. They were kidnapped by ISIS back in June and there was no information on their whereabouts.

Sikh Federation UK supports military action against ISIS

London, United Kingdom (Sept. 27): A written statement by Sikh Federation UK, a UK based organization, says: “[A] humanitarian crisis is taking place in Iraq with the barbaric acts of ISIS - beheadings, crucifixions, gauging out of eyes, burying people alive and use of rape as a weapon.

Khalsa Aid (UK) launches relief mission in minorities fleeing ISIS

London, United Kingdom (August 17, 2104): A UK based humanitarian aid NGO, Khalsa Aid has reportedly launched its relief mission in Iraq to assist the fleeing minority communities including Yazidis being persecuted in Iraq.

US airstrikes bring panic for the families of 41 Indian workers kept as captives in Iraq

Airstrikes by US in Iraq has spread panic among the families of 41 kidnapped Indian construction workers abducted by ISIS back in June. The abducted persons are believed to be held captives by ISIS in Iraq. As the US started air-strikes against ISIS in Iraq, the families of these 41 persosn are extreemly worried. But on the other hand the Indian Embassy officials have claim the Indian captives, majority of whom were Punjabi, were safe.

Northern Iraq: Civilians in the line of fire (by Amnesty International)

Northern Iraq: Civilians in the line of fire, published today by Amnesty International, contains harrowing accounts from displaced civilians who fled areas seized by ISIS, fearing for their lives after their relatives were abducted and killed by the group, and amid increasing danger from Iraqi government air strikes.

116 Indian workers arrive in New Delhi; many other still strained in Iraq

It is learnt that 116 workers who were till now caught up in the war torn Iraq arrived in New Delhi on Monday (July 07), while many others are still being held captive by the suspected militants.

Nurses who were stuck in Iraq return to Kerala; Terms of release being kept secret by Indian Govt.

According to media reports a group of 46 nurses caught up in fighting in Iraq arrived home in India on on July 05 after briefly being held captive by suspected militants.

Indian Nurses taken to Mosul (Iraq) “against their will” are free now, on their way back to India

As per recent media reports Syed Akbaruddin, spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) today maintained that the 46 Indian nurses taken to Mosul "against their will" are free now. He further added that the government will "leave no stone unturned" to bring back Indians trapped in "extremely difficult circumstances" in strife-torn Iraq.

Iraq crisis: 46 Indian nurses taken to undisclosed place

Amidst the worst situation in Iraq, armed fighters of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on Thursday moved all Indian nurses in Tikrit to an undisclosed location. Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin claimed they were safe and unharmed so far. He further claimed that the MEA is in touch with interlocutors on the ground.

Khalsa Aid (UK) helps rescue Indians, Punjabis stranded in Iraq

It is learnt that Khalsa Aid, an international humanitarian organisation based in the UK, has been working closely with comedian-turned-politician Bhagwant Mann to rescue the ...

Stranded Indian Nurses in Iraq: “There is no guarantee that we will be paid if we go back to India”, updates Amnesty India

New Delhi, India (July 03, 2014): Indian nurses stranded in Iraq have reportedly told Amnesty International India that armed men have taken control of a ...

600 Indians will be brought home this week from Iraq, says Indian govt

Amidst the intensified home war of Iraq, the Indian government today said more than 600 Indians would be returning to their homeland from strife-torn Iraq this week.

Iraq’s construction companies barred Indian workers to return home

The companies, which hired Indian workers in Iraq’s various parts, barred them from returning home fearing that their construction work would be stalled due to lack of labour.

Ardas held by SGPC for the safely-return of youths from Iraq

For the safely-return of over 700 youths from Punjab and Haryana, who were stuck in Iraq, the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandhak Committee (SGPC) offered prayers on Tuesday after Bhog of Akhand Path at Gurdwara Jhanda-Bunga of Shri Darbar Sahib.

“I am not in depression, rather engaged in helping Punjabis stuck in Iraq”, claims Bhagwant Mann

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)'s Member Parliament (MP) from Sangrur has claimed that he was not suffering from depression as was “propagated” by some sections of the media. Rather, he said, he was engaged in helping Punjabis stuck in trouble-torn Iraq.

More than 700 youths from Punjab and Haryana stuck in Iraq

As per the state governments of Punjab and Haryana, nearly 700 people from both the states are stuck in strife-torn Iraq.

“If PM Modi agress, I am ready to go to Iraq to negotiate release of kidnapped Punjabis”: Aam Aadmi Party MP Bhagwant Mann

It is learnt that the Aam Admi Party (AAP) MP from Sangrur (Punjab) Bhagwant Mann has offered to go to the trouble-torn Iran if Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sends him as an official emissary.

Details of 52 Punjabis kidnapped/ abducted in Iraq; List issued by the Punjab government

The Punjab State Government has released details of Punjabis that have been kidnapped in Iraq. Though the general media reports are mentioning that 40 Punjabis have been kidnapped/ abducted in Iraq, but the Punjab government list includes details of 52 persons

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