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June 1984 Di Patarkari Book

Exclusive Talk with Journalist Jaspal Singh Sidhu, Author of book on Journalism of June 1984

On 29th April, 2016 a new book about "journalism of June 1984" was released at Chandigarh. The book titled: "Sant Bhindranwale De Ru-B-Ru June 1984 Di Pattarkari" (Face to Face with Sant Bhindranwale Journalism of June 1984) is penned by senior journalist Jaspal Singh Sidhu (UNI - retired).

Journalist Karamjit Singh Chandigarh on “June 1984 Di Patarkari” book [VIDEO]

Senior (Retd.) Journalist S. Karamjeet Singh shares his views about book by senior journalist (UNI - Retd.) about role of Indian media during 1980s period in Punjab and June 1984 attack by Indian Army on Sikh Gurdwaras in June 1984.