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OutJusticed – the untold story

International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS) to Host Session on Sikh Genocide

International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS) is going to hold IAGS 2021 Conference from 18 to 23 July at University of Barcelona. A session on Sikh genocide will also be hosted during this conference, which will be attended by genocide scholars, academicians, researchers and human rights activists from across the globe.

OUTJUSTICED-2 : Documentary on Human Rights and Impunity in Punjab

Title: OutJusticed 2 Director: Parmjeet Singh Associate Director: Pardeep Singh Editor: Jasbir Singh DOP: Deep Hundal & Saket Goyal Music: Baljinder Singh Also Available on ...

Special Screening of OutJusticed 2 Documentary at University of Toronto on November 2

A special screening of OutJusticed 2 documentary will be held at University of Toronto in Canada on November 2 by Sikh Students Association (SSA).

Short Film Bhagat Singh to be screened at Punjabi University today

Punjabi short film "Bhagat Singh" will be screened at Kala Bhawan of the Punjabi University (Patiala) on the second day of the two day film festival at varsity campus.

Screening of “OutJusticed 2” Documentary at Punjabi University on Oct. 11

A special screening of “OUTJUSTICED 2” documentary by Sikh Siyasat will be held at Punjabi University in Patiala on Wednessday (October 11, 2017).

Documentary unearthing ‘Denial of Justice’ to the Sikhs by Indian State to be screen at Manitoba University (Winnipeg) on Aug. 12

A special screening of "OUTJUSTICED 2" documentary by Sikh Siyasat will be held at Manitoba University in Winnipeg city of Canada. OUTJUSTICED 2 is second documentary by Sikh Siyasat under documentary series called "OutJusticed - The Untold Stories".

OUTJUSTICED 2 (A Documentary by Sikh Siyasat) [Watch Full Video]

OUTJUSTICED 2 is the second documentary from a series titled "OutJusticed - the untold stories" focusing on the denial of justice to victims of human rights violations in Punjab.

OutJusticed 2 (Review by Harjinder Singh, Akaal Publishers)

I attended the screening of ‘Outjusticed 2’ in Birmingham, UK. I had watched the trailer and vaguely knew it would be about Shaheed Bhai Jaspal Singh (1994 – 2012).

‘Outjusticed 2’ Documentary Applauded by London University students

The first University screening of documentary ‘Outjusticed 2’ took place late last week at Kings College London in the UK, leaving audience members speechless.

New documentary tells the story of ‘OutJusticed’ Family of Jaspal Singh Gurdaspur

OUTJUSTICED 2, the second documentary in a series titled 'OutJusticed - the untold stories', makes special reference to the 2012 Gurdaspur police firing incident in which a Sikh student Bhai Jaspal Singh Gurdaspur was killed.

TRAILER – OUTJUSTICED 2 (Bhai Jaspal Singh Gurdaspur Case) Documentary

Sikh Siyasat is presently working on OUTJUSTICED 2, second documentary under the OUTJUSTICED documentary series. Hopefully, we will be able to bring out OUTJUSTICED 2 soon.

TV ’84 to air Sikh Siyasat documentary OUTJUSTICED – the untold story on Aug 07

A US based TV channel, TV84, will air a documentary by Sikh Siyasat. Documentary titled "OUTJUSTICED - the untold story", which narrates the story of two decades of struggle for justice, will be aired on TV84 on Friday, August 7 at 9 pm EST.

‘OUTJUSTICED – the untold story’ – Documentary on Human Rights Abuses in Punjab

Sikh Siyasat today released it’s first documentary titled ‘OUTJUSTICED - the untold story’ on the eve of 66th Human Rights day. Early 1990s period in Punjab was marred by blatant, widespread and systematic human rights abuses by Indian security forces. Illegal confinement, torture, custodial killings, enforced disappearances, fake encounters and secret cremations had become common policing practice. ...

Sikh Siyasat to release documentary on the eve of World Human Rights Day

Sikh Siyasat will be releasing a documentary titled “OutJusticed - the untold story” on December 10, 2014 which marks 66th World Human Rights Day. “OutJusticed - the untold story” is a documentary presenting the struggle victim family to secure justice for one of their members who was killed in fake encounter during fake encounter by state forces.