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Sikh Religion

Sikh Warrior Hari Singh Nalwa tops list of “Top Ten World Conquerors” compiled by Billionaires Australia

Melbourne, Australia (August 23, 2014): It is learnt that “Billionaires Australia” has compiled a list of Top Ten conquerors of the History. Sikh warrior Hari Singh Nalwa has topped the list, followed by Genghis Khan and Alexander ranked as second and third.

Understanding the Kirpan (by World Sikh Organization of Canada)

The Sikh religion is the youngest of the five major world religions. It originated in northern India in the late 1400s, with its founder, Guru Nanak who was a spiritual teacher and social reformer. He directed people to meditate daily (nam japna), work hard (kirat karna), and share their earnings with others without discrimination (vand shakna). These three enjoinders have become the pillars of Sikh society.

Claremont Lincoln University (Southern California) to inaugurates Sikh Studies Center

Claremont/California, United States (January 11, 2012): As per media reports with major support from the Sikh Americans, Claremont Lincoln University will inaugurate a Center for Sikh Studies in this city in Southern California February 1, 2013.

Leicester Sikhs gathered in thousands on Nagar Kirtan to observe Gurpurb celebrations

Leicester, UK (November 27, 2012): It is learnt that thousands of people lined the streets on Sunday, November 25, 2012 during a Nagar Kirtan at Leicester, UK to observe the celebrations of Guru Nanak Ji's 544th Gurpurb (birth anniversary).

Pakistan authorities make special arrangement for Sikh Yatris travelling to Pak to observe Gurpurb of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Nankana Sahib/Lahore, Pakistan (November 18, 2012): According to media reports the Pakistani authorities have made special security arrangements for trains that would be bringing about three thousand Sikhs from India to Pakistan to participate in the events observing Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Gurupurb.

Stockten Sikh Gurudwara Sahib

Stockton Sikh Gurudwara’s 100th anniversary noted in US Congress

California, US (November 15, 2012): According to media reports a US Congressman from Northern California on November 13, 2012 honoured the state’s long-standing Sikh community by formally acknowledging the Stockton Sikh Gurudwara or Stockton Temple’s 100-year anniversary in the Congressional Record.

Holy City status for Nankana Sahib

Nankana Sahib, Pakistan (October 27, 2012): According to reports Pakistan has accorded the “holy city” status to Nankana Sahib - the birthplace of first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

BBC expresses regret over suggestive misconception regarding Sikh religion

London, England (May 17, 2012): As per a news report of "The Telegraph" "the BBC has expressed regret to Sikhs over comments on a radio discussion suggesting that their faith is “made up of other religions” such as Islam and Hinduism".