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1984 Yes It’s Genocide

Justice Denied in Indian State Sponsored Genocide in 1984 and 2002: Points Briefing at US Congress

“We should use this moment when the world is paying attention to India,” said Sunita Viswanath as she joined a panel of academics, attorneys, and activists at a US capitol briefing on the delay and denial of justice for state-sponsored massacres of Indian minorities.

Sikh Genocide 1984: Injustice Continues – November 1984 to November 2019

In more than last three decades, on every anniversary of the 1984 massacre of Sikhs, this author has been reminding [that] how Indian State and judiciary did not bother to punish the perpetrators of this horrendous mass killing of the innocents of the second largest religious minority of [India].

RSS Ideologue Nana Deshmukh Who Justified 1984 Sikh Genocide Awarded Bharat Ratna

Hindutva ideologue Nana Deshmukh who had justified killings of thousands of Sikhs during 1984 Sikh genocide has been awarded Bharat Rattna by BJP led Indian government.

International Law Binds Indian State To Prevent, Punish Acts of Genocide [OP-ED]

What distinguishes the learned judgment delivered by Justices S Muralidhar and Vinod Goel is not just the meticulous finding of criminality and award of punishment in the Sajjan Kumar case but the urging that “Neither ‘crimes against humanity’ nor ‘genocide’ is part of our domestic law of crime.

Delhi High Court Stops at “Crimes Against Humanity” in CBI v Sajjan Kumar

For past three decades the 1984 Sikh genocide was labeled as "riots" by the Indian state, more specifically the government, judiciary and the media propagated that the 1984 killings of Sikhs were "riots".

“… Genocide… Has been Duly Proved and Established”: says Delhi High Court Judgement on 1984 Sikh Genocide Related Case

In another setback to Indian state's denial tactics to deny the fact of 1984 Sikh genocide, a judgement of the Delhi High Court, delivered recently, clearly uses the term 'genocide' while referring to the events related to 1984 Sikh genocide.

After 34 Years, Delhi Court Convicts 2 Persons in 1984 Sikh Genocide Related Case

Two persons were convicted yesterday (on Nov. 14) by a Patiala House trial court in Delhi in a case related to genocidal violence against the Sikhs in November 1984.

Rajnath Singh terming 1984 Sikh Genocide as Mob Lynching is Another Injustice to the Sikhs: AAP

The Aam Aadmi Party on Saturday opposed the statement of union Home minister, Rajnath Singh in which he stated the Sikh genocide of 1984 as mob lynching and the party termed it as another injustice done to the Sikh community.

Organised Genocide, Not Merely Largest Mob Lynching

In November 1984, Sikhs were subjected to genocidal violence throughout India. The genocide was planned, co-ordinated, organised and carried out by high ups in government, administration and political layers.

Sikh bodies to organize Genocide Remembrance March on Nov 3 at Moga

A written release by the Dal Khalsa states that the All India Sikh Students Federation (Peer Mohammad) with the support of Dal Khalsa and Sikh Youth of Punjab (SYP) will hold Genocide Remembrance Day March on the occasion of 32nd Year of genocide against the Sikhs in Indian cities in November 1984.

1984 massacres in Trilokpuri: ‘Bodies of hundreds of Sikhs were scattered, some showed signs of life’

Those killed were burnt so that no evidence was left. In fact all over Delhi, the pattern was the same. The killings began in east, west, south and north almost simultaneously on the first evening and continued till the third. Everywhere the bodies were disposed of by burning.

Sikh Genocide 1984 complaint with the UNHRC: Sikh bodies kick starts signature campaign in 20 countries

California, US (November 19, 2013): As per information available with the Sikh Siyasat News (SSN), human rights bodies and Sikh groups such as Sikhs for Justice and All Indian Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) have kicked a world-wide signature campaign in support of “Sikh Genocide 1984” complaint that was filed with United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) on November 01, 2013.

Dutch Socialist Party MP “Bommel” declaration petition Sikh massacre 1984

New York (November 17, 2013): Harry van Bommel Member of Parliament for the Socialist Party in The Netherlands issued a declaration supporting the pending “1984 Sikh Genocide” complaint before the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Netherlands MP supports “Sikh Genocide 1984” UN complaint

New York, US (November 17, 2013): Harry van Bommel Member of Parliament for the Socialist Party in The Netherlands issued a declaration supporting the pending “1984 Sikh Genocide” complaint before the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Sikhs for Justice addresses press conference at Geneva about the Sikh Genocide 1984 petition

Geneva, Switzerland (October 31, 2013): A 58 minutes and 31 seconds long video of press conference held by Sikhs for Justice and others at Geneva about the Sikh Genocide 1984 petition has appeared on YouTube channel of a bilingual news website "Punjab Spectrum".

Protest Against India Before UN Geneva On November 1

29 Years of Sikh Genocide: Protest against India before UN Geneva on November 1; More than 10,000 European Sikhs expected to attend

Geneva, Switzerland (October 31, 2013): According to available with the Sikh Siyasat News (SSN): [m]ore than 10 000 Sikhs are expected to join the protest in front of UN Office in Geneva on November 1, 2013. The protestors from Europe, Canada and United States are coming to Switzerland to mark the 29th year of 1984 attacks on Sikhs in India. The gathering before UN is to highlight the denial of justice to the victims of November 1984 and expose the impunity to those who perpetrated violence against Sikhs.

“1984 Yes Its Genocide” petition gets 1 million signatures; Sikh bodies to submit petition to Geneva on Nov. 01

New York/ Chandigarh (October 29, 2013): It is learnt that around 1 million (ten lakh) persons have already signed the Sikh Genocide 1984 Petition. The shall be submitted to United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay in Geneva by various Sikh and human rights organizations on November 1, 2013 which marks the 29th anniversary of the genocide of Sikhs in November 1984.

Appeal to sign the Sikh genocide petition

Appeal to sign the Sikh genocide 1984 petition to be submitted to the UN

Chandigarh (October 28, 2013): All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) president Karnail Singh Peermohamad) has appealed to the Sikh masses and the public in general to put their signature on the Sikh Genocide 1984 petition. The petition shall be submitted to the UN Office of Commission Human Rights on November 01, 2013 along with all the signatures.

Punjabi Lyricist and Singer Raj Kakra appeals for Sikh Genocide 1984 petition by Sikhs for Justice

Chandigarh/ Punjab (October 20, 2013): Raj Kakra is a Punjabi lyricist and singer. In his recent albums "Punjabio Chiri Banna Ke Baaz" and "Aie Bharat"; and many songs such as "Azaadi", Raj Kakra has narrated the pain, anger and aspirations of the Sikh nation.

Germany Sikh bodies jointly appeal for 1984yesitsgenocide petition

Mannheim, Germany (October 20, 2013): It is learnt that various Sikh bodies of Germany have issued an appeal to join the 1984yesitsgenocide campaign initiated by US based human rights and advocacy group “Sikhs for Justice” (SFJ). SFJ has opened a petition for online signatures that shall be submitted to a United Nations’ body on 1 November.

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