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Arundhati Roy

I Do Not Have Much Hope From Indian Supreme Court: Arundhati Roy on CAA and NRC

Internationally acclaimed author Arundhati Roy has said that she does not have much hope from Indian Supreme Court regarding controversial "Citizenship Amendment Act" (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC).

#MeTooUrbanNaxal: Arundhati Roy

This morning’s papers (August 30 2018) settle something that we have been debating for a while. A front-page report in the Indian Express says “Police ...

Rights Activists Demand Unconditional Repeal of Draconian UAPA Law

Human Rights activists, lawyers, intellectuals and authors today condemned arrests of human rights activists including Gautam Navlakha, Sudha Bharadwaj, Arun Ferreira, Vernon Gonsalves and Varavara Rao, who were arrested by the Maharashtra Police on 28th August 2018.

SCI Stays Contempt Proceedings Against Arundhati Roy, Had Asked Her To Tender An Apology

As per the media reports emanating from Delhi the Supreme Court of India here on Monday  for the time being dropped criminal contempt proceedings against

‘We Have Digested, Held In Our Bellies So Much Violence That It Is Hard To Be Moral’: Arundhati Roy

On a late May afternoon, the maze of lanes around Jama Masjid is its usual swirl of orderly chaos, mildly exacerbated by a spot or two of unseasonal rain.

Hindutva: Film Actor Paresh Raval Wants Arundhati Roy to be tied before Army Jeep

Hindi films actor and a Member of Indian Parliament Paresh Rawal made a controversial statement over Twitter last nigh in which he said that instead of a stone pelter, eminent author, intellectual and political activist Arundhati Roy should be tied to an army jeep.

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness: Arundhati Roy’s New Novel to come up in 2017

Twenty years after Arundhati Roy won the 1997 Booker prize for her debut novel "The God of Small Things", the publisher of renowned novelist’s work has announced to release her new novel titled "The Ministry of Utmost Happiness" in 2017.

‘Intolerance’ Inadequate to Describe Fear Among Minorities: Arundhati Roy

Given the atmosphere in India, "intolerance" is an inadequate word to describe the "fears" under which minorities are living, author Arundhati Roy said in Pune on Saturday.

Police atrocities continue in Chhatishgarh tribal areas: say Activists

Atrocities on tribals in Chhattisgarh continue to be perpetrated by the police and administration, according to activists and lawyers.

Gandhi was a corporate agent and it was greatest falsehood to worship him: Arundhati Roy

Booker prize winning writer Arundhati Roy called Mohan Das Gandhi as the ‘first corporate agent of this country.’ Roy, author of the acclaimed novel ‘God of Small Things’ further said ‘it was one of the greatest falsehood in this country to worship him (Gandhi) who wrote horrible things about Dalit, women and poor.’

Arundhati Roy on Narendra Modi’s election victory – ‘Now, we have a democratically elected totalitarian government’

"The massive, steeply climbing GDP of India dropped rather suddenly and millions of middle-class people sitting in the aircraft, waiting for it to take off, suddenly found it freezing in mid-air," says Ms Roy. "Their exhilaration turned to panic and then into anger. Modi and his party have mopped up this anger."

Civil rights icon Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar and Hindu saint Mohandas Gandhi can never be reconciled: Arundhati Roy

Sacramento, United States (March 08, 2014): Civil rights icon Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar and Hindu saint Mohandas Gandhi can never be reconciled with one another, declared Indian progressivist Arundhati Roy this first week of March, echoing claims which are prompting protests against Gandhi statues in North America and resulted in a conference last year at New York’s Columbia University to celebrate the centennial of Dr. Ambedkar’s arrival in America.

Arundhati Roy on Afzal’s execution – Asks if collective consciousness is satisfied now or cup of blood is still half empty

[...] Now he has been hanged, I hope our collective conscience has been satisfied. Or is our cup of blood still only half full?

Arundhati Roy

Touted is a good word to use in connection with India’s democracy: Arundhati Roy

New Delhi (June 28, 2012): World famous author and Bookers prize winner, Arundhati Roy in a recent interview said that [touted] is a good word to use in connection with India’s democracy.

Arundhati Roy slams International Community’s silence over Indian Occupation on Kashmir

New York (November 13, 2011): Renowned Indian activist and novelist Arundhati Roy has decried the silence of the international community over the continued “brutal Indian ...

They can file a charge posthumously against Jawaharlal Nehru too: Arundhati Roy

In his telegram to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Indian Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said, “I should like to make it clear that the question of aiding Kashmir in this emergency is not designed in any way to influence the state to accede to India. Our view which we have repeatedly made public is that the question of accession in any disputed territory or state must be decided in accordance with wishes of people and we adhere to this view.”