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Diljit Dosanjh

Family to have final word on upcoming Diljit Dosanjh Movie, says Khalra’s Wife

Bibi Paramjit Kaur Khalra has issued a statement regarding an upcoming Movie based on the life-story of Shaheed Jaswant Singh Khalra. Notably, there were reports in the media that Diljit Dosanjh is playing the role of human rights activist Jaswant Singh Khalra in a movie which is said to be ‘bio-pic’ of later.

Punjabi Singer Diljit Dosanjh says: Saddened over Reports of Torture of Jagtar Singh Jaggi

Punjabi singer turned actor Diljit Dosanjh today expressed his concerns about reports of torture of Jagtar Singh Jaggi, a Scottish citizen arrested by Punjab police.

Diljit Dosanjh’s Super Singh Movie Courts Controversy: SGPC Forms Panel to Scrutinize Film

SGPC has announced to hold scrutiny of new Punjabi film called Super Singh. Punjabi film actor Diljit Dosanjh starrer movie has courted controversy over some scenes related to Darbar Sahib and Akal Takht Sahib.

‘Udta Punjab’ film row: Dal Khalsa accused Badals for turning blind eye towards drugs abuse crisis

Hitting out at Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) for raising unnecessary objections over the upcoming film “Udta Punjab’, the Dal Khalsa slammed censor board for working in a biased and selective manner.

NRI group (NAPA) warns against ban on Udta Punjab movie

North American Punjab Association (NAPA), an NRI group, has warned Punjab government against invoking ban on upcoming movie “Udta Punjab”.

Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh faces wrath on social media over new song; Indulges in low-grade promotion tactics

Chandigarh: Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh’s new song “Patiala Pegg” has invited strong criticism from various circles on over Facebook and other social media networks. Term “Patiala Pegg” is taken to mean as a large glass of neat liquor and many sections believe that Diljit Dosanjh’s song tends to encourage the tendency of ‘alcoholism’ in Punjabi society.

Punjab 1984 Movie – Content and Intent (by Ajmer Singh)

In its justification, the most dangerous (and deceitful)argument that movie makers along with their supporters and admirers put forward is that everything shown in the movie is based on true facts and incidents that actually did happen in Punjab.

Punjab 1984 Movie review by SWAT (London)

PUNJAB 1984 has been a much anticipated film, especially with it being released on the 30th anniversary of the attack but what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about 1984? The attack on Sri Harimandar Sahib (the Golden Temple) and the suffering of the Sikhs? Was this depicted in the film? NO!

Punjab 1984 movie – Why do I have objections to it?

A new Punjabi movie, “Punjab 1984” starring Diljit Dosanjh was released last Friday. The movie was directed by Anurag Singh who claimed that his movie was “not-political”. The movie has evoked mixed reactions from the audience. Diljit's fans, mostly teenagers are praising the movie and some even went on to say that now they know the “facts” about 1984 as these were shown in the movie. But on the other hand many Sikh circles have criticized the movie for a distortion of the facts, for being influenced by State propaganda and for it’s negative portrayal of the Sikh struggle. The debate between the two sides is going on over social media sites.

A brief response to Guest Review on Punjab 1984 Movie by Simran Kaur

I wonder the author went on justifying everything in the movie (esp. arguments regarding those joining the movement because of personal reasons, goon elements, corrupt politicians etc.) saying it all had existed, but at the same time ignoring the fact that there was other side of the picture as well and further that Anurag hid it (coz it's not that much simple that he did not merely presented it).

Boycott Punjab 1984 movie: SAD (Mann) UK unit

Terming the movie “Punjab 1984” as government sponsored to confuse Sikhs about armed Sikh struggle, UK branch of Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar (SAD-A) has called for boycott of the movie. “Armed Sikhs are shown killing Hindus by pulling out of buses and they are also shown drinking alcohol”, the UK branch of Simranjit Singh Mann’s party posted on its facebook wall.

Movie Review: Punjab 1984

If we are to briefly talk about the tragedy of the mother and her son, as screened in "Punjab 1984", it is the story of a mother whose son was picked by the police at the behest of a relative with whom the family had a land dispute. Mother had almost an unending wait for her son. At the same time it's a story of a son who do not want to go home secretly in the night just because of threat of police persecution, rather he wished to visit his home openly, in broad day light and with honour.

List of Cinemas/ Theaters running “Punjab 1984” film in USA

It’s seems as if it’s turning to be a trend in Punjabi cinema, after the success of “Sadda Haq”, to make movies on stories based on or related to 1984 Sikh massacre and state-oppression that followed the tragic events of 1984.

Punjab 1984 Movie Review – Facts distorted, Movie influenced by Govt. propaganda

But in no way the movie appears to be based on true facts. While presenting the police torture/ atrocities on masses, the (Sikh) militant movement is also shown as a cruel movement; as it's often presented by the state propaganda machinery.

“Punjab 1984” movie releases globally today – Cinemas listings for India (Major Multiplexes & Single Screen)

According to information shared by Daljit Dosanjh over his Facebook fans page this movie shall be screened in more than 56 cinemas (Multiplexes and Single Screen) across India excluding Punjab, including 16 Cinemas/ Theatres in Delhi, 3 in Noide, 5 in Ghaziabad, 2 in Greater Noida, 2 in Lucknow, 3 in Dehradun.

Cinemas listings for “Punjab 1984” movie in Punjab, Himachal, Haryana and Jammu

A number of people are expressing interest over social networking site Facebook to know that how the director has dealt with aspects of Sikh struggle in this movie. “It is important to show pain and sufferings, but for people struggling for freedom the glory of struggle is more important than stories of sufferings”, a Sikh youth activist wrote on Facebook.

Cinemas listings for “Punjab 1984” movie in Australia

It's seems as if it's turning to be a trend in Punjabi cinema, after the success of “Sadda Haq”, to make movies on stories based on or related to 1984 Sikh massacre and state-oppression that followed the tragic events of 1984.

“Punjab 1984” movie: Cinemas listings for Canada

It’s seems as if it’s turning to be a trend in Punjabi cinema, after the success of “Sadda Haq”, to make movies on stories based on or related to 1984 Sikh massacre and state-oppression that followed the tragic events of 1984.

Punjab 1984 writer-director maintains the film is “not political”

Singer-turned- actor Diljit Dosanjh starer up coming Punjabi movie “Punjab 1984” was written and shot in India, but was produced by Vancouver-based White Hill Productions.

Punjabi singers, who praised Badal govt in tv advertisements, now change their tune

Chandigarh/ Punjab (April 16, 2014): Under fire from their fans, popular Punjabi singers Gippy Grewal, Diljit Dosanjh, Harbhajan Mann and Jazzy B have either given an explanation or apologised on their Facebook accounts for appearing in video-tapes to campaign for the ruling SAD [Badal]. The Tribune had brought the matter to the fore yesterday.

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