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Sand Mafia In Punjab

IFJ Asia-Pacific Takes Notice of Thrashing of TV Journalist In Ferozpur

Yesterday on 30th July team of four journalists from News18(A private news company) went to investigate illegal mining near Amir Khas village in Jalalabad(Ferozepur). As they started their activities, they got surrounded by a group of unidentified people and they started beating them. The reporters Neeraj Bali, video journalist Sandeep Kumar and Prithpal Singh were harmed and got several injuries another reporter Suraj Bhan succeeded to escape from the place of action.

AAP Condemns Attack On Media Persons in Jalalabad (Firozepur)

The AAP MLAs demanded from Punjab govt. the strict action must be taken against the mafia people and ensure safety and security of media people covering such events.