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Sikh Nationalism

Punjab Government tries to label Bhai Maharaj Singh with Indian Nationalistic Rhetoric

Punjab government today organized a state level function to mark 161st anniversary of martyrdom of Bhai Maharaj Singh.

Shadow of Nationalism on Sikh Struggle under British Colonial Rule: Predicaments and Deviations

Sikh Historian and author Bhai Ajmer Singh delivered a lecture on topic: "Shadow of Nationalism on Sikh Struggle under British Colonial Rule: Predicaments and Deviations".

OP-ED: Confusion about ‘Nation-State’ is dangerous for Sikhs (by Jaspal Singh Sidhu)

Of late, some thinkers of the Sikhs, a minority constituting less than two per cent of India’s population, are praising and advocating for a separate ‘nation-state’ as the best political solution for the emancipation of the besieged community.

Clarify On Question of Nationalism and the Sikh Raj [Letter to the Editor]

I listened to the recent talk you posted on the Sikh Siyasat website with Bhai Ajmer Singh ji and a few questions came to my mind.

Lecture of Bhai Ajmer Singh on NATIONALISM at Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana [VIDEO]

Lecture of Bhai Ajmer Singh on Nationalism, Idea of Nationalism, Nationalism in Indian Subcontinent on Punjab and impact on Sikh Panth.

Sikh Youth of Punjab to hold seminar on Sikh Nationalism on April 17 at Anandpur Sahib

To commemorate the 317th anniversary of Khalsa Sajna Divas, the Sikh Youth of Punjab (SYP) has resolved to organize a seminar on Sikh Nationalism on April 17 at Anandpur Sahib focusing on cultural and identity issues.

Seminar Report : Sikh Nation and the Indian Elections – an analysis

Hoshiarpur, Punjab (April 28, 2014): Sikh Nationalist party Dal Khalsa, on April 27, said the elections are irrelevant because New Delhi has failed to take steps to meet longstanding Sikh demands, including the release of detainees, justice for victims of 1984 genocide, punishment to guilty police officers, fulfilling greater political aspirations.

Dal Khalsa terms Congress, BJP, AAP as feathers of the same flock

Jalandhar, Punjab (April 13, 2014): Describing Congress, BJP, AAP as feathers of the same flock, the Dal Khalsa head Harchranjit Singh Dhami said all mainstream political parties have same agenda when it comes to Sikh aspirations as they don’t want to resolve the Punjab problem and instead want to muzzle the voice of dissent through state might.

Dal Khalsa activists Dr Manjinder Singh, Kanwarpal Singh and Sarbjit Singh addressing the media persons (File Photo)

To commemorate Khalsa Sajna Divas, Dal Khalsa ‘s youth body plans Conference focusing on Sikh Nationalism

To commemorate the Khalsa Sajna Divas, the Dal Khalsa has resolved to observe April 13 as Sikh Nationalism Day by holding a youth conference on the concept of Sikh Nationhood.

J&K High Court turns hostile towards different nationalities; Says all must adhere to Indian identity only

Jammu & Kashmir, India (October 13, 2013): A recent observation by a Jammu and Kashmir High Court judge about Indian nationalism is being terms as “landmark” by the Indian media. According to media reports while taking up the petition of Kashmiri Pandits, who had sought issuance of directions to the state government and other official respondents for protecting and preserving some of their religious places in the Valley, the judge said that in Indian constitutional scheme, a citizen of India is only an Indian.

Dal Khalsa turns 34: Articulating the cause of Sikh Nationalism (author: Kanwar Pal Singh)

On 6th August 1997, on the occasion of its 19th foundation day, Dal Khalsa counsel wrote a letter to Indian Home Minister declaring the revival of the organization as a political group in Punjab after being on a low for a decade and so. Fortunately, the ban imposed on the organization in 1982 was lapsed in 1994. The comeback was not easy for the organization that nurture ambition to establish sovereign self-rule for Sikhs and whose leader is perceived to be “guest” of unfriendly country.

Heavy police deployment at Chapparchiri to prevent Sikhs’ Memorial March

Mohali (May 31, 2010): Punjab Police personnel, in large numbers, are deployed at historic ground of Chapparchiri, in wake of March call by Sikh nationalist party, Shiromani Akali Dal (Panch Pardhani). Panch Pardhani, that adopts democratic course to pursue Sikh cause, has announced to organize a “Holocaust Memorial March” to mark 26th anniversary of Third Holocaust of Sikh History.