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Dastar Issue

Teacher Who Objected to Sikh Student’s Turban Removed From Duty

As per reports, a Class XII Sikh student was allegedly forced to remove his turban during a security check before appearing for an exam at a school in Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district.

SGPC Objects to Disrespect to Dastar by Modi Govt. in GST Ad

SGPC has made strong objection to an advertisement issued by the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) showing a non-Sikh wearing a Dastar and portraying him as a Sikh instead of use an image of a Sikh person with Dastar.

NDP MPP Jagmeet Singh reintroduced bill for Sikh motorcycle helmet exemption

NDP MPP Jagmeet Singh (Bramalea-Gore-Malton) introduced a bill today calling for an exemption to motorcycle helmet laws for turbaned Sikhs.

Sikh actor/designer Waris Ahluwalia denied right to board on AeroMexico flight from Mexico City

This morning, celebrity Sikh designer/actor -- Waris Ahluwalia -- was denied the right to board on a plane. Waris Ahluwalia was set to board on an AeroMexico flight from Mexico City to New York City but he was denied the right to board the flight because he refused to remove his turban. ‪

US Army Sikh soldier permitted to keep wear turban

For the first time in five years, a decorated Sikh American has been granted a temporary 30-day religious accommodation to serve in the U.S. military while maintaining his Sikh articles of faith.

Sikh Human Rights group raises France Turban issue in UH Human Rights Council

The Sikh Human Rights Group wishes to draw Human Rights Council’s attention to the continuing degrading treatment of Sikh children in schools in France where the State’s inflexible narrow understanding of secularity continues to violate the dignity and self respect of Sikh children.

UK Education Secretary responds to Sikh Federation UK on Dastar issue

UK's Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has warned schools must do more to ensure their uniforms respect the needs of Britain's diverse religious and cultural communities.

Sikh Federation (UK) write to Nicky Morgan after Sikh schoolgirls asked to remove turbans by Southhampton School

Sikh Federation (UK) has written a letter to Nicky Morgan about racial and religious discrimination at St Anne’s Catholic School, Southampton demanding internal grievance process at the school to be immediately actioned and the teacher suspended pending an investigation.

Illinois to Dastar/ Sikh Turban on Driver’s License Photos

After complaints from Sikh groups, the state of Illinois is reportedly telling DMV workers that anyone wearing a religious head covering doesn't have to take it off for a driver's license or photo ID.

Did NZ Sikh Harman Singh really break religious protocol or place humanity above Sikhi by removing his turban?

[T]he fact is that Harman Singh did nothing more than follow an inherent command of Sikh values to extend selfless service to a person in need of such humanitarian help... he did not break any religious protocol nor did he place humanity above his religion; rather he just followed the path shown by Sikhi.

USA: New Jersey authorities seek formal apology for removing Sikh’s turban for Driver’s Licence Photo

A news update by United Sikhs says a Sikh named Samitter Singh has received a written apology from the Motor Vehicles Commission in New Jersey in response to violation of his religious freedom.

UK Sikh gets compensation over Prison Turban-pin challenge

A Sikh solicitor has won undisclosed compensation after being barred from entering a prison to visit a client because he had pins in his turban.

Parents outraged after Convent School punished student for wearing Sikh turban in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur, Punjab: A Convent School in Hoshiarpur invited outrage when it ‘punished’ students of ninth and tenth standard for wearing Dastar (Sikh turbans).

Turbaned Sikh Woman Finally Allowed to Serve in Uniform

Fremont, CA: Two years ago, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB1964, or the California Workplace Religious Freedom Act (WRFA), into law. AB1964 prohibits religion-based segregation in the workplace and strengthens the legal standard for religious accommodations in favor of employees and job applicants. AB1964, which went into effect in January 2013, provides workers in California the nation’s strongest protections against religious discrimination.

Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense [File Photo]

US: Commission on Civil Rights asked Defense Secretary Hagel to Explain Exclusion of Sikhs from Military

Washington, USA (January 04, 2013): As per information a U.S. commission has asked Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to explain the exclusion of Sikh Americans from the American armed forces.

SGPC want Minorities commission to ensure justice to Sikh farmers of Kutch and Haryana

Amritsar, Punjab (August 23, 2013): It is learnt that the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) has, inter-alia, sought the intervention of the India's National Commission of Minorities to halt the eviction of Sikh farmers from the states of Gujarat and Haryana.

Canadian Soccer Association suspends Quebec Soccer Federation over it’s decision to ban Sikh turban

The Canadian Soccer Association has requested on 6 June that the Quebec Soccer Federation reverse its position on turbans/patkas/keski with no resolution,” said Victor Montagliani, President of the Canadian Soccer Association, following the Board of Directors meeting. “The Quebec Soccer Federation’s inaction has forced us to take measures in order to ensure soccer remains accessible to the largest number of Canadians.

Sikh students at St Joseph’s school who were excluded from class for wearing their turban.

Baramulla: Sikh Students now wear turban to Indian Catholic school

Baramulla/Kashmir/India (June 10, 2012): It is learnt that the turbaned Sikh students have been attending classes for the last fortnight following their earlier exclusion for wearing their turban at the St Joseph’s Higher Secondary School in Baramulla, 50 km from the State Capital, Srinagar.

United Sikhs

Sikhs ask Canadian PM to raise issue of Turban Ban in France at meeting with French PM

Toronto, Canada (March 14, 2013): As per information an NGO, United Sikhs has written to the Canadian Prime Minister earlier this week asking him to raise his objection to the turban ban in France, during his meeting with his French counterpart, who is currently visiting Canada.

UK and Italian Sikh representatives meeting Phil Bennion MEP

Sikh deligation meet European commission staff responsible for policy on search of Sikh turbans at Airport

London, United Kingdom (January 23, 2013): As per information available with Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) earlier this week the Sikh Federation (UK) led a 12-member European-wide delegation of Sikhs to meet European Commission staff responsible for policy on airport security to clarify the position on search of Sikh turbans at airports.

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