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Scotland Independence Referendum

Dismantling Empires Through Devolution

Before the vote was cast, British Prime Minister David Cameron and his team were so worried by voter sentiment swinging toward Scottish independence that they promised a raft of additional powers to Edinburgh (and Wales and Northern Ireland) such as the right to set its own tax rates—granting even more concessions than Scotland’s own parliament had demanded. Scotland won before it lost. Furthermore, what it won it will never give back, and what it lost it can try to win again later. England, meanwhile, feels ever more like the center of a Devolved Kingdom rather than a united one.

What Scottish independence referendum means for Asia, for India

[...] The India of today is a union of many culturally exclusive states that were under the British Raj. These states did not have much to do with one another before the East India Company came into the picture. In fact, the north and south of India were completely disconnected from one another politically. When such a kaleidoscope of cultures forms a nation – sure it’ll face challenges, many of which, I might add, are direct results of colonialism. And India’s hesitancy to reform its system has led to many present-day problems. [...]

Lessons from Scotland for South Asia

Though ‘No’ finally trumped ‘Yes’ and the United Kingdom stayed ‘united’ the recent referendum for Scottish independence holds several important lessons for both votaries of separatism as well as national unity everywhere.

Scotland Referendum – Significance and Implications for the States & the Struggling Nations

A referendum on the issue of Independence was held in Scotland on 18 Sept. 2014 and the results were declared on 19 Sept. About 45% people vote for Independence of Scotland where as 55% voted in favor of staying with the United Kingdom. The Scotland Referendum 2014 holds a unique significance as it has clearly broken the notion that the boundaries created by (so-called) Nation-States can't be altered. Secondly, Scotland referendum establishes that in civil societies and working democracies will of the people matters more than superficial notions of territorial unity and integrity. Scotland referendum has established that Nation-State boundaries are not any divine creation and the world map can witness changes according to the will of the people.

Scotland Referendum entails implications for the world and India

The BBC report says “Most newspapers (in India) fear the referendum will fuel calls for similar exercise in Indian-administered Kashmir and the country’s north-eastern region.” On the eve of referendum, The Telegraph noted, “India is quietly hoping Scotland does not breakaway from the UK, but it has not only articulated its stance on the referendum. It worries about a separation rooted in the implications for Kashmir and the country’s east”.

Scotland decides to stay with the England; 45% voted for independence, 55% said NO

Glasgow, Scotland: Scottish voters have voted in fovour of retaining union with England after a historic referendum. In yesterday's historic vote Scotland voters voted 55 percent to 45 percent against independence. The election witnessed unprecedented turnout of 86 percent.

Scotland heading to stay with United Kingdom in historic vote

Glasgow: Polling for Scotland independence referendum was held yesterday and counting of votes continues across the country. Live reports suggest that Scots have rejected the idea of independence with a margin of around 10%.

Scotland’s independence vote ignites Kashmiri demand for plebiscite

Srinagar, Kashmir: Kashmir’s pro-independence leaders have seized on Scotland’s plebiscite on freedom to demand that India deliver its promise to allow a similar vote in the disputed territory. The referendum for Scotland’s independence is being held on Thursday.

Self-Determination Movements Hail Scottish Referendum as Blueprint for Conflict Resolution

Slough, United Kingdom: On the eve of the historic Scottish referendum on independence, an array of organisations staged an event in support of the Scottish ‘Yes’ campaign, urging voters to take the opportunity which tens of millions across the world were so envious of.

Scotland prepares for historic independence vote

Glasgow: The campaign for Scotland's independence referendum went down yesterday as the historic voting for independence is set to be held today. “Yes” or “No” of the Scots would decide the future of the Scotland – either it would emerge as an independent country or remain as a part of the United Kingdom.

Self-Determination campaigners urge Scots to Vote Yes with a Brave-Heart

London, UK: Jagdeesh Singh a public campaigner on national self-determination through “Nations Without States” and the National Liberal Party (UK), has urged the people of Scotland to move to 18th September 2014 with a Brave-Heart.

Statement of City Sikhs Network on Scottish Referendum

The Sikh community has a long relationship with Scotland which dates back to 1855 when Maharaja Duleep Singh (the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire and the first Sikh to set foot on the British Isles) established his home in a castle in the Highlands and came to be known as the 'Black Prince of Perthshire'.

Sikh body praises UK for showing political maturity in allowing Scottish people to shape their destiny

Amritsar, Punjab: In the backdrop of Scotland going for referendum on Thursday, the Dal Khalsa said it displays the political maturity of the UK in allowing Scottish people to have its say in shaping their destiny.

70th foundation day of AISSF marked at Derby (UK); Read Resolution adopted during convention

Derby, UK: Karnail Singh Peermohammad led All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) held a function at Guru Arjan Dev Ji Gurdwara, Derby, UK on 13 Sept. to mark the 70th it's foundation day.

Nations Without States to hold Scottish Referendum Public Dialogue in Slough on 14 September

London, United Kingdom (September 10, 2014): As the Scottish Referendum rapidly approaches, campaigners from diverse ethnic nations in England are holding a special public dialogue on Sunday 14th September 2014 in Slough, west of London – hosted by 'Nations Without States' (NWS).

Yes Vote in Scotland must not be used to hang on to power: Sikh Federation UK

London, United Kingdom (September 07, 2014): The Sikh Federation (UK), often referred to as the one and only Sikh political party in the UK, has warned legislation should not be introduced to postpone the 2015 General Election if in 10 days time there is a Yes vote in Scotland.

Nations Without States (NSW) urging diverse communities to vote “YES” for Scottish Referendum

London, United Kingdom (September 03, 2014): According to press release by Nations Without States (NWS), the group is urging diverse communities of Scotland, to vote YES! in the forthcoming Scottish Referendum.

Scottish Govt. confirms it’s demand for an independent public inquiry into UK involvement in the June 1984 Amritsar Massacre

The Sikh Federation (UK) which is leading the campaign for an independent public inquiry has welcomed the External Affairs Minister’s ‘absolute commitment to the Sikh community’ in the Scottish Parliament earlier this week that the Scottish Government ‘will continue—to repeat its calls for the UK Government to conduct an independent, fair and transparent inquiry.’