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Kite Fights: New Report says Regional Proxy Wars and Hindu Nationalist Agenda Linked to Massacre of Sikhs in Kabul

The March 25, 2020 massacre of Sikhs at Gurdwara Har Rai Sahib in Kabul, Afghanistan sent shockwaves through the global Sikh community, yet the violence was not the only shocking thing about the vicious attack.

SIC Demands Justice for Saka Nakodar 1986 and Release of Justice Gurnam Singh Inquiry Report

The Sikh Information Centre (SIC), a California-based advocacy group, issued a statement calling on Captain Amrinder Singh Chief Minister Punjab to table and implement the report of Justice Gurnam Singh’s Judicial Inquiry related to the Nakodar killings during the coming session of Punjab Vidhan Sabha.

Academics and Activists Praise New Book “Captivating the Simple-Hearted: A Struggle for Human Dignity”

The book probes what it means to be Sikh and brings important questions of Sikh resistance into the forefront with a wide spectrum of historical accounts that rupture hegemonic discourses.

Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and the Plight of India’s Minorities: Speech by Navkiran Kaur Khalra

This speech was delivered by Navkiran Kaur Khalra on June 11, 2016 at the Banda Singh Bahadur Conference hosted by the Gurdwara Sahib Sacramento.

Sacramento Conference Celebrates 300 Year Legacy of Sikh Martyr Banda Singh Bahadur

Gurdwara Sahib Sacramento hosted a conference on the life of Banda Singh Bahadur on Saturday, June 11th, featuring Dr. Jaideep Singh, Navkiran Kaur Khalra, and Dr. Amrik Singh.

Canada Appoints First Sikh Defence Minister While Winding Down Middle-East Combat

After Canada’s Liberal Party rode to victory, newly-minted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed Sikh veteran Harjit Singh Sajjan as Defence Minister, making him the only Sikh in the world to hold such a position.

Political Motivation Contemplated in Slaying of Chicago Sikh: Sikh Information Centre

Family of Satwinder Singh Bhola (53), who was found stabbed to death in the parking lot of his Peoria, Illinois apartment complex shortly after midnight on Monday, are questioning whether his murder could be related to his father-in-law’s internationally-recognized hunger-strike protest in India.

Sikh Information Centre want Sikh Caucus to speak for Surat Singh Khalsa

Washington, USA: A US based NGO Sikh Information Centre (SIC) has urged the American Sikh Congressional Caucus to speak up for Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa ...

Patrons of Sikh Caucus Request U.S. Congress To Speak For Surat Singh Khalsa

As patrons of the American Sikh Congressional Caucus, and members of the community the caucus represents, we urge the 42 U.S. representatives who belong to the caucus to recognize and represent the interests of the Sikh-American community by acknowledging the democratic protest of Californian Sikh Surat Singh Khalsa, a permanent resident of the United States who is on hunger-strike in Punjab, India to demand release of political prisoners.

100th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide Illustrates Vulnerability of Minorities

“Nationalism of one kind or another was the cause of most of the genocide of the twentieth century. Flags are bits of colored cloth that governments use first to shrink-wrap people’s minds and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead.” — Arundhati Roy.

Sikh Information Centre hits hard at Gandhi’s grandson for distortion of Sikh history

Lathrop, CA, USA (November 17, 2013): Bhajan Singh Bhinder, Founding Director of Sikh Information Centre, issued the a hard hitting statement about Punjab: A History from Aurangzeb to Mountbatten (2013), a new book by Rajmohan Gandhi.

SIC opposes statute of Gandhi in Cerritos; Objects to donation of land for placing it

California (September 14, 2013): On behalf of the Greater Los Angeles Sikh Sangat & Worldwide Sikh Sangat the Sikh Information Centre has written a detailed letter to Navneet Singh Chug, President of Sikh Temple of Orange County, Santa Ana, California expressing concerns over his decision to donate his property and money to the Art in Public Places Program in Cerritos, California, USA to place a statue of Mohandas Gandhi.

Riverside Students Gathering in Honor of Jaswant Singh Khalra Hear “Genocide in India Has Not Stopped”

Jaswant Singh Khalra’s work to expose genocide commemorated on 18th anniversary of his disappearance Riverside (September 9, 2013): Over the weekend, students and families gathered ...

Recognize Bhindranwale as symbol of oppressed South Asian Minorities

Amritsar, Punjab (May 05, 2013): Sikh Information Centre (SIC) has issued the following policy statement in response to demands for removal of the reverend Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’s name from the Saka June 1984 memorial at the Darbar Sahib, Amritsar [...]