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UK Foreign Office Needs to Join the US and Other Countries to Publicly Challenge India about Freedom of Religion

“The harsh truth is these changes have only been made possible as Preet Kaur Gill MP is now the co-chair of the APPG for International Freedom of Religion or Belief and has pushed for historic injustices and ongoing issues to be mentioned.  Previously Lord Singh has been the Vice-Chair and remained silent on the treatment of Sikhs in India and Afghanistan.”

“Too Little, Too Late”: Sikh Federation UK on Sentencing of Sikh Genocide Perpetrator Sajjan Kumar

“Whilst we welcome the long overdue decision of the Delhi High Court to convict and sentence Congress leader Sajjan Kumar to life imprisonment for his involvement in the Genocide of Sikhs this is too little too late.”

Sikh Federation (UK) Reveal Plans for Preparing the Next Generation for Leadership Roles

The 35th Annual International Sikh Convention organised by the Sikh Federation (UK), often referred to as the first and only Sikh political party attracted in excess of 10,000 Sikhs at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Willenhall in the West Midlands.

United Nations To Receive Update About World Sikh Parliament

The United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday began its 37th session in Geneva, Switzerland. Sikh representatives from a number of countries linked to the World Sikh Parliament (WSP)

Sikhs In UK Receive Cross Party Support For Permanent Monument In Central London

One of the items in the Sikh Manifesto that was released in January 2015 was regarding the allocation of a suitable site in central London for a permanent

British Sikhs Move Step Closer To Get Separate Sikh Ethnic Tick Box For The 2021 Census

On 23 October the Sikh community moved a step closer to securing a separate Sikh ethnic tick box in the 2021 Census after the Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Around 100 UK MP’s Endorse Non-Indian Ethnic Identity Move Of Sikhs

Around 100 British MPs cutting across party lines have aligned with a Sikh organisation known as Sikh Federation UK to endorse and support the demand for separate coulmn for Sikhs in census.

25000 Sikhs Came Out In Solidarity With London & Manchester United Against Recent Attacks

The Daily Telegraph covered what was happening in Trafalgar Square yesterday. Surprisingly the mainstream media has not reported on the show of Sikh solidarity

‘Genocide Remembrance March’ in Amritsar on June 5 to Mark India’s 1984 Attack on Sikh Nation

Pro-freedom group of the Sikhs Dal Khalsa and its allied groups today resolved to take out a 'Genocide Remembrance Parade' from Gurdwara Ranjit Avenue to Akal

Sikh Women Rebukes British Foreign Secretary Borris Johnson Over Alcohol Gaffe At Gurudwara Sahib

As per the media reports emanating from the United Kingdom senior diplomat Borris Johnson here on Wednesday was confronted by a Sikh

Sikh Federation (UK) Commended by Minister for Transparent Approach to developing the Sikh Manifesto

London, UK: A press release by Sikh Federation (UK) says the representatives of the Sikh Federation (UK) met with Lord Ahmad the Minister appointed in July by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron on Nov. 03 (2014) with a specific responsibility for engaging with faith communities.