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Sikh Manifesto

UK Elections: Sikh Manifesto 2020-2025 Gives Notice To Political Parties And Those Wanting To Be Elected MPs

“Millions of Sikhs across the world have in the last few weeks marked Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 550th Parkash, the birth anniversary of the founder and first Sikh Guru. He rejected all forms of discrimination and exploitation under any pretext and founded a new egalitarian social order. Equality for women, rejection of the caste system, respect for diversity while seeing God in all.”

The Sikh Network’s Sikh Manifesto 2020-2025 Seeks Rights To Self Determination for Sikhs

UK based Sikh Federation on Saturday (Nov. 9) released 'Section 10' of the Sikh Manifesto 2020-2025. The group has been releasing the the document for past ten days, on one section per day basis. The document seek Right to Self Determination for the Sikhs.

Sikh Federation UK Showcases Refreshed “Sikh Manifesto”

The Sikh Manifesto (2020-2025) was showcased at the Sikh Federation (UK) Convention at the weekend at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Smethwick.

Labour Party Dy. Leader shows concerns about lack of Sikhs in UK legislature on BBC Andrew Marr Show

Sikh Federation UK, The new Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson MP appeared on the leading political programme on a Sunday, the BBC Andrew Marr Show (Sunday 13 September) the day after he was elected.

UK: The Sikh Network deliberate on Next Steps following the general election

At the Sikh Network meeting the new membership and revised structure for the APPG that was to be proposed was discussed. The two previous chairs of the APPG Rob Marris MP and Fabian Hamilton MP have met and discussed its future leadership, proposed structure and arrangements for re-registering the APPG.

UK: 165 MPs have been elected that support the Sikh Manifesto

The Sikh Manifesto has raised the profile of Sikhs and Sikh issues in the UK (and abroad) and been strongly supported by the Sikh community and candidates from all the political parties.

Massive Cross-Party support for Sikh Manifesto: Labour leadership and candidates more supportive than Conservatives, Sikh Fed. UK

With just a few days to go before the General Election in the UK on 7 May the Sikh community has already made a huge impact based on direct written feedback received from candidates by the Sikh Federation (UK).

Commit on Sikh Manifesto for continued support from Sikh voters: Sikh Fed UK to Labour

Many Sikhs are saying Labour has taken the Sikh vote for granted for far too long and the Labour leadership is holding back in making promises. With 20 days left over half of Sikh voters remain undecided in who they will back.

UK Sikhs to play significant role in determining overall outcome of general elections as formal campaigning starts

The Sikh Manifesto has already achieved so much, not least increased awareness by Sikhs, non-Sikhs and politicians across the political spectrum of Sikh demands. The Conservative-led government and opposition politicians have already taken certain positive actions and made specific pledges with the Sikh vote in mind.

India getting desperate in countering impact of Sikh Manifesto: Sikh Federation UK

The Indian authorities, Sikhs in the UK and abroad who prop up the Indian state and Sikhs who to date have lacked the forethought to contribute and back the Sikh Manifesto just do not know how to respond to the huge impact it is having.

Sikh Manifesto causing a stir in India as well as the UK

A press release by the Sikh Federation UK says [o]n 16 March the Times of India carried another article on the Sikh Manifesto. So-called liberal Sikhs have questioned the need for the manifesto to touch upon grooming and forced conversions.

UK: Response to Sikh Manifesto may prove decisive in overall outcome of general elections

The Sikh Federation (UK) that is often referred to as the one and only Sikh political party in the UK has taken a huge step in producing and releasing a comprehensive 10-point manifesto three months before the General Election.

UK Sikhs demand statutory code of practice on the 5Ks and Sikh Turban

Sikh organizations of UK recently released “The Sikh Manifesto 2015-2020“. The document is released ahead of general elections for the British parliament. It is considered to be first ...

UK Sikhs release own ‘Manifesto’, Targets 50 seats for British Parliamentary elections

UK's Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, said: “I warmly welcome the Sikh Federation’s ambition to encourage the British Sikh community to engage with politics at all levels and I congratulate the federation for all the hard work it has already done to increase the awareness and importance of social and political activism within the British Sikh community.”

Sikh Federation (UK) Commended by Minister for Transparent Approach to developing the Sikh Manifesto

London, UK: A press release by Sikh Federation (UK) says the representatives of the Sikh Federation (UK) met with Lord Ahmad the Minister appointed in July by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron on Nov. 03 (2014) with a specific responsibility for engaging with faith communities.