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Sikh Struggle for Freedom

Sikh Sangat marks 25th Martyrdom Day of Shaheed Sukhdev Singh Babbar

Sikh Sangat marked 25th martyrdom day of Shaheed Sukhdev Singh Babbar on Sunday (August 13). Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar had led Babbar Khalsa International during the armed phased of Sikh struggle for freedom.

Dr. Sewak Singh’s Speech Remembering Bhai Surinderpal Singh, an Unsung Hero of Sikh Struggle

Dr. Sewak Singh's speech Remembering Bhai Surinderpal Singh. Bhai Surinderpal Singh made untiring contribution towards the Sikh struggle for freedom during tough times after phase of the armed movement.

Sikh Nationalists To Develop Alliance With Nationalist Movements Across The Globe: Sikh Federation UK

In a written statement issued on Thursday (July 13) the Sikh Federation UK announced that the Sikh nationalists would develop alliance with nationalist movements across the globe.

Sikh Struggle Sympathiser Bapu Asa Singh Passes Away at 99

Bapu Asa Singh, a life time sympathiser of the Sikh Struggle for freedom, passed away today at the age of 99 years.

United Khalsa Dal Condoles Demise of Khalistan Activist Dr. Gurmeet Singh Aulakh

United Khalsa Dal (UK) has condoled the demise of USA based Khalistan activist Dr. Gurmeet Singh Aulakh.

Document on Sikh Diaspora Activism and Sikh Struggle released by UK based Sikh body

Panch Pardhani UK, a UK based Sikh diaspora group, today released a document to explain its vision regarding Sikh diaspora activism at present juncture of the Sikh struggle for freedom.

Position Document by Sikh Leader Bhai Daljit Singh sets ground for discussion about future course of struggle [English version]

Sikh leader Bhai Daljeet Singh Bittu had released a ‘position document’ on 6 June, 2015 at Amritsar. This document presents a review of previous phases of Sikh struggle for freedom and sets the ground for discussion on our future course of action.

Sikh Historian Bhai Ajmer Singh on Declaration of Khalistan (4 June 2016)

Bhai Ajmer Singh was invited in view of his work on historiography, analysis and review of the Sikh struggle to present his view point on Declaration of Khalistan.

Special Talk With Bhai Ajmer Singh on Current Situation of Sikh Panth, Electoral Politics & Armed Struggle

Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) editor Parmjeet Singh talked to Bhai Ajmer Singh about contemporary situation of the Sikh panth and stagnation in Sikh politics.

After 1984 Freedom, not just holy city status for Amritsar, is the core demand: says Dal Khalsa

Joining issue with the AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal on proposing to accord holy city status for Amritsar if AAP comes to power, the Dal Khalsa said it’s a calculated attempt aimed to exploit the sentiments of Sikhs to woo their votes in the upcoming Punjab assembly elections in 2017.

Bhai Daljit Singh issues position document, sets ground for discussion about future course of struggle

Sikh leader Bhai Daljeet Singh Bittu has released a 'position document' on 6 June, 2015 at Amritsar. This documents presents a reviews of previous phases of Sikh struggle for freedom and sets ground for discussion on future course of action.

Sikh bodies mark martyrdom day of Khalistan movement martyrs, Bhai Dharam Singh & Bhai Sahib Singh Kashtiwal

Amritsar: Bhai Dharam Singh Khalsa Charitable Trust, Sikh sangat and representatives of various Sikh organizations marked the martyrdom day of Bhai Dharam Singh and Bhai Sahib Singh Kashtiwal.

Martyrdom day of Khalistan shaheed General Labh Singh marked at village Panjwar

According to information available with the Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) the Sikh sangat observed the martyrdom day of Sikh freedom fighter General Labh Singh at Gurdwara Shaeed Singhan village Panjwar, near Jhabal.

A new year poem by Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal (Source: Ajit; 1 Jan. 1993, Page 01)

A poem on “New Year” by Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal (Kiven Aakhan Navan Varah Mubarak Hove – 1993)

A poem on new year, written by Sikh militant leader Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal was published in a Punjabi vernacular "Ajit" on January 01, 1993. The title of the poem was "Kiven Aakhan Navan Varah Mubarak Hove" (How could I say Happy New Year!".

Bhai Harcharanjeet Singh Dhami, President of Dal Khalsa

After 1984 genocide justice for Sikhs means freedom and self-determination

Jalandhar, Punjab (November 3, 2013) Two days back, on Nov. 1, thousands gathered at Jalandhar to participate in “Freedom and Justice March” organized by the Akali Dal Panch Pardhani (ADPP) and Dal Khalsa to commemorate the 29th anniversary of the Sikh genocide 1984. March was largely attended by the Sikh youth from Jalandhar and neighboring towns.

Historic Letter of Shaheed Harjinder Singh Jinda and Sukhdev Singh Sukha to Indian President

Theoretically, it is appropriate to clarify that our Rastrya (nation) is the Khalsa Panth absorbed into the Guru Granth Sahib. We took the first vital steps towards the destination of Khalistan by touching our foreheads with the footdust of this nation. The elimination of Mr. Vaidya, the General of your forces engaged in destroying the Khalsa Panth and its power, was a holy act on our difficult path of martyrdom. It has once again brought the historical truth to light the urge of the Khalsa Panth to breathe in freedom, its self respect and honor cannot be finished.

Canadian Sikh Coalition Secures Rights to Punjabi film “Sada Haq” in Canada

Vancouver, BC (February 13, 2013): The Canadian Sikh Coalition is proud to announce that it has formed a partnership with the team behind the film “Sada Haq” and will be the official distributor for the film in Canada.  The film is a revealing and truthful account of the period of militancy in Punjab that spanned the 1980s and 1990s.

India alleges that Sikh groups based abroad are attempting to revive militancy in Punjab

Government of India has again alleged that Sikh militant groups based abroad are trying to revive militancy in Punjab. Press Information Bureau, Government of India, has issued a release November 27, 2012 that is read as follows.

Dal Khalsa turns 34: Articulating the cause of Sikh Nationalism (author: Kanwar Pal Singh)

On 6th August 1997, on the occasion of its 19th foundation day, Dal Khalsa counsel wrote a letter to Indian Home Minister declaring the revival of the organization as a political group in Punjab after being on a low for a decade and so. Fortunately, the ban imposed on the organization in 1982 was lapsed in 1994. The comeback was not easy for the organization that nurture ambition to establish sovereign self-rule for Sikhs and whose leader is perceived to be “guest” of unfriendly country.

Cat turned cop Pinki’s life sentence upheld by HC; Punjab Cop never tried for mass violations found guilty of murder in other matter

Chandigarh (February 4, 2012): Four Days back, on 31 January, 2012 Punjab and Haryana High Court dismissed an appeal filed by controversial Punjab Police inspector, Gurmeet Singh alias Pinky seeking acquittal in a murder case.

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