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Sikhs in New Zealand

NZ Sikhs Hold Nagar Kirtan in Tauranga To Observe Gurpurab of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

As per local media reports, around 3000 Sikhs took part in Nagar Kirtan that passed through the streets of Tauranga in New Zealand during the "Tauranga Sikh Parade" to mark the Gurpurab of 10th Sikh Guru- Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

New Zealand Elects Two Sikh MP’s In Recently Concluded General Election

As per the media reports two Sikhs have been elected to New Zealand's parliament in recently concluded general elections in which it is said that no single party

Sikh Man Asked To Deboard The Bus In New Zealand For Wearing Kirpan

As per the media reports emanating from the island country of New Zealand an Amridhari Sikh man was asked to take off one of his kakkar (article of faith) Kirpan

Sikh council candidate’s billboard defaced in New Zealand

As per media reports, the first Sikh to run for a place on Hamilton's city council has had his billboard defaced with the name "ISIS" in black paint.

New Zealand Sikh forgiving despite being accused of carrying a bomb

Jaspreet Singh was taken aside by Auckland police at a café after someone mistook his headphones for a bomb. In a TV interview Jaspreet Singh said that he has forgiven the complainant who has made bogus complaint against him.

Sikh man who used turban to save injured child’s life honoured by Auckland police

Harman Singh, a Sikh man, who used his turban to save an injured child's life has been honoured for his efforts by Auckland police. He has reportedly received the district commander's certificate of appreciation at the Counties Manukau police district awards, held at Manukau Institute of Technology on Friday (July 3).

Discrimination against Sikhs by Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club: DSGMC writes to NZ PM

The Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee has reportedly written a letter to Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key to take steps to stop discrimination of Sikhs.

Did NZ Sikh Harman Singh really break religious protocol or place humanity above Sikhi by removing his turban?

[T]he fact is that Harman Singh did nothing more than follow an inherent command of Sikh values to extend selfless service to a person in need of such humanitarian help... he did not break any religious protocol nor did he place humanity above his religion; rather he just followed the path shown by Sikhi.

NZ Sikh used Dastar (Turban) to help injured child

A Sikh man in New Zealand used his turban to help an injured child. According to media reports a child was hit by a car outside a primary school. Injured child's head was bleeding after he hitting the road. On seeing this, Harman Singh removed his turban and used it to stop bleeding.

NZ Sikh students received Death Threats online; Police says ‘can’t help’

A Sikh student named Rajwinder Singh was reportedly threatened with death after his picture was posted on social media calling him a “terrorist.”

Ban on kirpans hard to justify [Editorial, NZ Herald/ Bay of Plenty Times]

The Supreme Sikh Council says the kirpan is one of five articles of faith to be worn by baptised Sikhs at all times and cannot be removed.

New Zealand: Government could change current Civil Aviation Authority rules to allow kirpans [Video]

New Zealand PM John Key has also signalled that the Government could change current Civil Aviation Authority rules to allow kirpans to be taken on flights.

Sikhs should be allowed to wear kirpans at World Cup matches: NZ PM Joh Key

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key recently said that the International Cricket Council's (ICC) decision to bar Sikh fans from wearing kirpans at World Cup matches is wrong.

Sikh student gets compensation in New Zealand racial harassment case

A Sikh student has been awarded 45,000 dollars in damages by a rights tribunal in New Zealand for racial harassment and humiliation he suffered at the hands of his Indian-origin employers.

Two Sikhs elected to New Zealand Parliament

Auckland, NZ: Two Sikhs have reportedly been elected to New Zealand's parliament in the recently concluded general elections.

Hamilton Gurdwara members decline to accept edit declaring them ‘tankhaiya’

Hamilton, New Zealand (March 25, 2014): According to media reports [t]he New Zealand Sikh Society has questioned the decision of the Five Sikh Jathedars to declare two of its members 'tankhaiya' (guilty of religious misconduct). The NZ Sikh Society has reportedly refused to accept the move.

Hamilton (NZ) Gurdwara committee member declared Tankhaiya

Amritsar, Punjab (March 22, 2014): It is learnt that the two Sikhs of a Hamilton-based gurdwara in New Zealand has been declared as 'tankhaiya'.

Raj Kakra appeals for support to movie “Kaum De Heere”; Movie to depict assassination of Indira Gandhi

Auckland, New Zealand (November 06, 2013): Punjab's renowned lyricist-turned-singer Raj Kakra is coming up with his début Punjabi movie “Kaum De Heere”. The movie is said to be based on events relating to assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

India: Terrorism charges dropped against Kiwi Sikh leader Manpreet Singh

New Delhi, India (May 31, 2013): According to media reports a New Zealand Sikh community who was framed under charges of “terrorism” in India has been released. According to 'The New Zealand Herald', [t]he Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) said on May 30, 2013 that it had been informed the case against Manpreet Singh had been dismissed.

Karnail Singh Peermohammad [File Photo]

Manpreet Singh New Zealand’s arrest condemned; AISSF supports peaceful struggle for Sikhs’ right to justice

Chandigarh/ Jalandhar, Punjab (March 24, 2013): While condemning the branding of All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) as a militant organization, AISSF President Karnail Singh Peermohammad stated that action against Manpreet Singh is an attempt to thwart AISSF’s campaign seeking justice for the victims of Sikh Genocide 1984.

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