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Sikhs in Europe

Italian Sikh To Move European Court Of Justice To Challenge Kirpan Ban

After the Supreme court of Italy on last Monday last upheld the decision of the lower court to ban Kirpan (Sikh Articale of Faith) from wearing it in

Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara Appeals to Avoid Internal Conflicts and Stop Clashes

Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara has appealed to Sikh circles to avoid internal conflicts and stop internal clashes.

Italian Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Sikh Kirpans: Media Reports

The Italian Supreme Court has ruled against a Sikh migrant who wanted to carry Kirpan in public.

German Gurdwara Committees Condemn Frankfurt Gurdwara Incident

Management committee of various Sikh Gurdwaras in Germany strongly condemned Frankfurt incident in which a group of people forcible prevented a prachar samgam by Sikh pracharak Bhai Panth Preet Singh.

5th Annual British Sikh Report Launched in London

The fifth annual British Sikh Report (BSR) was reportedly launched on Tuesday night (21st March 2017) in London.

Bomb Attack Essen Gurdwara: German Court sentences 3 teens to juvenile detention

Three German-born teens were on Tuesday (March 21) sentenced to up to seven years in juvenile detention for carrying out a “religiously motivated” bomb attack on a Sikh Gurdwara Sahib in Essen.

British Sikh Report 2017: 13% of Sikhs fell victims of hate crimes since Brexit

City Sikhs Network (CSN) today released fifth annual report called British Sikh Report (BRS) 2017.

Sikh Council UK Issue a briefing on EU Court Headscarves Judgment

Sikh Council UK today published a briefing on the Judgment handed down by the European Court of Justice regarding the legality of employers prohibiting of visible manifestations of religious belief in the workplace.

European Court of Justice ruling is deeply disturbing for Sikhs living in mainland Europe: Sikh Federation UK

Luxembourg based European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling that employers with justifiable rules on ‘dress neutrality’ can ban workers from wearing any political, philosophical or religious symbols at work is deeply disturbing, said Sikh Federation UK in a statement.

Man Spying for Indian intelligence Agencies charged in German

The German authorities have reportedly charging German citizen with espionage for passing confidential information to an Indian intelligence agency. The accused was arrested in February this year.

Ban and Restrictions lifted from International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF) across Europe

On 18 March 2016 the UK Government lifted the ban on the International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF) following a legal challenge by leading figures in the Sikh Federation (UK) and historic debates in the House of Commons and Lords.

Sikhs in mainland Europe express concern about the UK leaving the EU: Sikh Federation UK

Sikh Federation (UK) said in a written press release that its' representatives visited the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium in the last few days and met with Sikh representatives and the Sangat from across Europe, including France.

Snap General Election in the UK is now inevitable: Sikh Federation UK

Sikh Federation UK said in a written release that it looked increasingly likely that the UK would face a snap General Election that will focus the minds of politicians on the task of the UK leaving the EU.

Sikh Council UK Response to EU Referendum Result

Sikh Council UK notes the major democratic exercise held in the UK on 23rd June resulting in UK voters deciding to leave the European Union.

UK Sikh group calls for mature political leadership in the UK to unite a “divided country”

Following the EU Referendum decision to leave the EU what is immediately required in the interests of Britain is economic and political stability to reassure markets. The financial and housing markets have already seen some large shocks.

EU Referendum today in UK; Sikh Council UK Advises Vote Remain

The EU referendum will take place in the UK today (23rd June, 2016). It is a decision of significant importance to the country and will affect us all in not only the short term but also impact on future generations. Sikh Council UK is advising all UK voters to vote to Remain in the EU.

Dal Khalsa president along with Sikh Federation leaders met Member of European Parliament in Brussels to discuss a range of issues

Dal Khalsa president along with Sikh Federation (UK) leaders met Member of the European Parliament Mr Sion Simon in Brussels (Belgium) to discuss a range of issues, including human rights situation, Indian Government's indifferent attitude and repressive policies towards religious minorities and lower caste.

Germany Gurdwara Attack: Suspects wanted to cause maximum casualties, say police

The two teenagers accused of carrying out a bomb attack on a Gurudwara Sahibs in the German city of Essen wanted to cause maximum casualties by detonating the explosives inside but were unable to break into the Sikh temple, investigators have said.

ISIS sympathisers carried bombing at Germany Sikh Gurdwara

As per media reports, two teenagers accused of carrying out a bombing on Nanaksar Gurdwara Sahib in Essen city of Germany are ISIS sympathisers.

Blast in Sikh Gurdwara in Essen: Another suspect arrested by German police

Investigators in Essen Sikh Gurdwara blast case suspect that two teenagers arrested in this case may not have acted alone.

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