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Bhai Amrik Singh Gill

Labour MPs Ask Theresa May to Release Secret Files on British Role in June 1984 Indian Army Attack on Darbar Sahib

British Labour MPs are calling on their Government to immediately release Cabinet Office files on the “1984 Amritsar Massacre” (Ghallughara June 1984), following a judge’s decision to declassify the secret papers.

Sikh Council UK Board of Jathedars Agree to Establish Framework Regarding Parcharaks

Sikh Council UK Board of Jathedars unanimously agreed to establish a framework for dealing with concerns regarding parcharaks in the UK at a meeting at Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara Leicester on Saturday 9th June 2018.

UK FOI Judge Orders Declassification of Secret Documents Disclosing British Involvement in June 1984 Indian Army Attack on Sikhs

A UK judge has reportedly ordered the declassification of documents related to British involvement in Indian Army's attack on Darbar Sahib in June 1984.

Sikh Federation UK Demand Apology from London Mayor and Commissioner for Putting Lives Sikh Protesters at Risk

Sikh Federation (UK) has written to Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London and Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner demanding an apology for alleged police negligence and incompetence by putting the lives of thousands of peaceful Sikh protesters at risk on June 3 in central London.

Progress In Sikh Issues Causing Headache To Indian Authorities, Claims Sikh Federation (UK)

On the 3rd anniversary of the launch of the 10-point Sikh Manifesto at Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Southall. The United Kingdom based Sikh Federation has claimed that

Sikh servicemen during World War days

British Government and Mayor of London backs new memorial to Sikh servicemen

The Communities Secretary confirms support for Sikh war memorial to mark the contribution made by Sikh servicemen.

British Sikhs set to increase Political Pressure Against Arrest and Detention of Scottish Sikh by Indian Police

Members of Parliament return to Westminster tomorrow after a short recess and many will be hearing from British Sikhs concerned about the serious predicament of Jagtar Singh Johal a 30-year old Sikh from Dumbarton being held in jail in India.

1984 Amritsar Massacre Report To Expose Massive UK Government Cover Up

British government is covering up the full extent of Margaret Thatcher’s support for India’s crack down on Sikhs in 1984, a new report will say.

British PM’s Race Audit silent on discrimination against Sikhs by public bodies

Sikh organisations consulted by the Cabinet Office are incensed at the failure to address data gaps and have declared the Prime Minister may have given the green light to public bodies to continue to discriminate against the minority Sikh community despite protection under race laws.

Conservative MPs declare support for independent public inquiry on Thatcher involvement in 1984 Sikh Genocide: Sikh Federation UK

The 15th Sikh Federation (UK) National Sikh Convention at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Sedgley Street, Wolverhampton on September 17 was attended by Sikhs from across the UK and Europe.

Sikh Nationalists To Develop Alliance With Nationalist Movements Across The Globe: Sikh Federation UK

In a written statement issued on Thursday (July 13) the Sikh Federation UK announced that the Sikh nationalists would develop alliance with nationalist movements across the globe.

UK General Elections 2017: Labour resurgence expected to lead to several Sikh MPs- Sikh Federation UK

The Sikh Federation UK said in a statement that Labour resurgence expected in UK General Elections which could to lead to several Sikh MPs.

Sikh Federation (UK) Welcomes Early General Election in UK; Expects Opportunity for the Sikhs

An early General Election gives political parties and the Sikh community an opportunity to address the complete lack of Sikh representation in the House of Commons - Sikh Federation UK.

UK Govt. U-turn on Sikh regiment reflects the Xenophobia running through politics following the Brexit vote: Sikh Federation UK

In February just before the General Election Mark Francois, the Armed Forces minister said in Parliament that Lieutenant General Sir Nicholas Carter, the Chief of the General Staff was examining proposals to create a Sikh regiment and the proposal ‘may well have merit’.

Sikh Federation UK and Dal Khalsa to work in collaboration for Sikh Freedom

"Dal Khalsa and Sikh Federation UK have forged an alliance to work together to pursue the struggle for rights and freedom of Sikh people in India as well as at international level" states a written press release issued by the Dal Khalsa today.

Sikh Federation UK holds annual conference; Resolves to adviser Punjab voters for Punjab Polls 2017

The annual three-day "National Sikh Convention" organised by the Sikh Federation (UK) ended yesterday at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Sedgley Street, Wolverhampton.

Politicians should not miss any opportunities for greater Sikh representation in Parliament: Sikh Federation UK

Sikh Federation UK, a UK based Sikh group, has said that the UK politicians should not miss any opportunities for greater Sikh representation in Parliament.

Ban and Restrictions lifted from International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF) across Europe

On 18 March 2016 the UK Government lifted the ban on the International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF) following a legal challenge by leading figures in the Sikh Federation (UK) and historic debates in the House of Commons and Lords.

Blacklist issue is a trap being used by India to cause conflict: Sikh Federation UK

Following the Sikh Genocide in 1984, many Sikhs abroad protested and the Indian intelligence agencies determined hundreds of leading Sikhs that came on their radar were ‘anti-national’ and started what has popularly come to be known as the ‘blacklist’.

European Referendum: Justin Welby should stay clear of the Xenophobic agenda, Sikh Federation UK

In a written statement Sikh Federation UK chiar Bhai Amrik Singh said: “There are many valid reasons for or against being a part of the European Union which revolve around individual and collective rights and societal issues.

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